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Danica Pinkerton  I'm from Canada Alberta ❀ I'm 21😁 Im a burrito πŸ˜† I am the droid you are looking for 😜.

"There's so many things that can affect you, you have the choice to let it control you or to walk away, the best part of making these choices is, there is no right or wrong, only affectivness and understanding" you either choose to let your action control you, or to accept them and understand what you need to do.

I was really small before, did some things that I shouldnt have done, I didn't even know! But im pregnant #20weeksand4days I was really surprised when the doctors told me how far along I am, and seeing how developed my baby is 😍 I can't ask for anything better ❀

"Look into the eyes of a people who'd rather die than live long enough to fall victim to suicide
They've been stripped of all their pride and they're shells of they're former selves
Become captive to the weakness too afraid to ask for help
It don't reach no one's ears, they're opinion, they never speak,
They persist to treat the world like a dream as if they're asleep" #drunkme #alittlebittleconfidence #baenica #loljk #bathroomselfie #insertlabelhere #eatmewhileimhot #lyrics

That time I curled my hair all by myself πŸ˜…πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ #me #curlyhair #loveit #makeup #ipad #blurryeffect

Took this a while back😁😊❀️😏 #sunset #clouds #beautiful #blurredbackground #hometown #northernalberta #loveit #prettycolors