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mommy looking as perfect as ever ๐Ÿ’•

delly bby ๐Ÿ’–

so much has happened in the past week I was gone, guys. I post more on @darlingpayne so if you want updates just go on there. I'll always be here if you need me or want to talk. I love yooooou

I wrote this k so give creds

people talk so much shit about the "fandom famous" and I'm tired of it. Fern, Hope, Dani, none of them did anything to get their followers except love a band and post about it online. they think the concept of being called a "queen" is silly and overrated. Hope for sure has said over and over again that it's ridiculous that people think she's better than everyone just because of her followers and her YouTube. they're all beautiful and kind hearted and funny and not at all the bitches they're made out to be. so they meet their idols a lot? if you could wouldn't you? aren't we, as good people, supposed to be happy for fellow fans when they meet people that mean the world to them? then why is it any different for the so called "fandom famous". support each other, guys.

I can't believe the tragedy that happened this afternoon.

I literally cried when they came on last night, they're flawless. I was so proud even if my angel didn't win. BUT ROSS DID AND I WAS STOKED.

this is a birthday post for one of my favorite girls. I love you rydel. thank you for making me confident and for loving myself. you mean the world to me @rydelr5 @officialr5


I don't even ship it but this is a damn cute picture

ps I'm on @darlingpayne more often then here if you need anything cuties

they're so kdkdjdjjsjdjdiisushsh

conversations with my boyfriend I mean bestfriend I mean peyton DKFKFKJDJD

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