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Infinite Art Wiz  🎼|19| Self taught • traditional • digital🎼 #acidicmelodyoc Per. @magic.onsonant

🌠"Seemingly out of nowhere, a perfect solution will arise
Only to be perfect in another dimension's book,
To require a great price that unfortunately most would be willing to pay in those times,
Steeper than the price of the soul" (Genevieve oc)🌌

🌌Started this concept a while back🌌 -😇👽Female personified version of the chameleon-like spirits roaming within the galactic plane of Siourus known as Oriel. Their visible appearance usually gives way to a silver tone, wings, and multiple halos, but they usually disappear under a counterfeit trace of "light" 😈🌌 #acidicmelodyoc #fantasy #character #concept #design

🌠🍃What lowly beings are they without the power outside of them... Nothing new happened under the sun; history repeated, kingdoms self-destroyed. Though they come from the most prosperous of Lunythia, the past became the death of even the most advanced. 🍃🌠
~some old #oc portrait refs #acidicmelodyoc #originalcharacter #fantasy #scifi

(Genevieve character #Wip) Usually my drawings turn out line-less so I dunno why the lines are so defined other than keeping a stern idea of the final picture in mind. So far it just looks like she needs a hug💦 #acidicmelodyoc

❄✨A hot fire stands near, the heat like seduction. Broil a cold glass, send it into combustion
Now close with a frigid glass heart,
And suffer thermal shock
The pieces shattered, splintered
And became eternally lost✨❄ The guardian glass angel;(#throwback #digital painting)
#photorealism #realism #photo

🏙 ⏳ Under the rise of technocracy, the absolute worst form of betrayal for insurgents is to forsake their powers for artificiality.⚡Add a counterfeit banner of love and compassion and any vile thing can be justified ⌛ 🏙

#watercolor #scifi #painting #biotech #abstract

🌿🎼I tried depicting what Kass could look like in New Leaf🤔 His color scheme seemed to fit perfectly as it is bright and mends well with the Animal Crossing style. Maybe this time he plays for the Able Sisters instead~ (idea not mine)🎼🌿

🌿🌸A little Camellia flower I drew digitally a while back using a not so great app >_< Nonetheless, it turned out how I wanted🌸🌿
#digitalart #flowers #leaves

🌙🔮It's OK to make mistakes, a mistake made is a correction gained. That's the best way to learn.✨ Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves, virtually leaving no room for us to improve, and we stop trying✨Art wizards don't use magic, I promise🔮🌙

"Ignorance is not our predicament, progress is not redemption, the future is not salvation, and space is not our destiny" 🔆🌠~Inspired science fiction concentration piece that was completed as a part of my art exam🌠🔆

"Those who pursue us are at our heels; we are weary and find no rest"
#sketches #molten #figures #lamentations5:5

"The idea that creative endeavor and mind-altering substances are entwined is one of the great pop-intellectual myths of our time" -Stephen King
#acrylicpainting #creativity #mess #VASE #surrealism

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