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treze  #trezeforever Any pending collab/ project already on process related to Treze please contact @zurik_1 . Thank u.

I'm carol/ zurik . I'm treze's wife and he wanted to upload this last photo that he never had until a few days ago. I just want to let u know that he didnt have any pain and everything was peaceful and quick as he wanted it. We fight together all this 3, almost 4 years against his cancer and in this time he was not just brave,he never , never complain about his illness, always looking the possitive side of everything. A lot of u who can get to know him and admire his work since the last 4 years until now (what he said it has been his best years ever), need to know that this work was made it with conviction and passion every time he has a day without chemo. He was a strong man who made everything what he wanted: travel around the world painting , working on his tatoos , walk on the mountain and the street, and as he used to said: do stuffs .But  the most important for him was to take care of you: his friends. I know the pain that u are feeling and as i promess to him i am here for u. Thank u for ur support and i am sure this is the best way to say goodbye to one of the most happy, humble, talented and friendly person in the world. He never lost the battle, he was a figther but he took in his mind the peace to accept what was inevitable until the last moment, and made it leaving everything behind closed and done. Always love u my guillem. With love: ur carol. #trezeforever

One of my favs last year with @smugone @davebonzai @markworst @gazmacswg3 and such of good people!!!!

My big canvas for @streetarttoday !!

Wall with @loloelemak !!

Picture from @sergioherradaruiz of my work with @inakibeaskoa and @emiliocerezo

Part of the wall with @loloelemak !!

Another in @l_obrera !! Thanks people!

This was the last wall of the year with a lot of good friends!!


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