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Acid Betty  Stop worrying if your vision Is new; Let others make that decision-They usually do. RDR S8 / Project Runway model S5 / #teamAcid #acidBetty #DragRace


Last time at @rupaulsdragcon 🙃

It’s Acid Moans by @shealreadydonhadherses 🤣😂😆

@rupaulsdragrace viewing party tonight @macripark 8pm. See Jew there!!! With shows by the hoes @alottamcgriddles @mizjade_davon & @milesdeniro

🥀 Happy VD 🌹
Full video on YouTube channel:: https://youtu.be/fbp4XlkAebM

🥀Happy VD!
Checkout the new full video here:: https://youtu.be/fbp4XlkAebM

🤣😂see you at @rupaulsdragcon !! @derrickbarry & @morganmcmichaels “that’s for carrying yours in a wagon!!” 🤣

🐠Throw me back to the lagoon!! Remembering this fierce recreation by @shitmonsterssay 💗💖💗🦎 #necto #dragqueen #nectopride #drag #acidbetty

Happy burfday to a bitch that changed my life @latriceroyale 🎂🎁 🍰 I hope you have cake and MAKE THEM EAT IT!!!! Fuxk you @christopherlhamblin !! 😉🤣

Amazeball #fanfart by @pixie_portraits 💚🖤💗❤️👅💊🦄

Thank you @britterst for this photo and always being UHmazing!! 🤪❤️

Happy burfday @jaymiggz_ !! I’m sure you got laid! 😜🤪😘🤣
#Repost with @jaymiggz_ I have to say @acidbetty was a blast! From having her at Climax and then At Badlands!thank you Acid Betty for a fun weekend 💖
#AcidBetty #JaymelahMoore #sickeningeventz #climaxModesto #Drag #Queen #Dragqueen #makeup #slay #werk #mug #gay #gayboy #instagay

I’m trying to remember what happened to all the other “great walls”... Berlin Wall, Great wall of China... oh right, they were tools & symbols of hate & didn’t work! (Happy longer fallen than up day Berlin Wall!) I remember when it was taken down. A piece of the wall still stands at my school as a reminder 🙌🏾

It’s by spit official, I AM A JEW! I believed my family after being tortured with sunday school, years of unused Hebrew classes and gefilte fish.
And it looks like my father could only commit to converting to Judaism 0.3%, sounds about right. 🤣

2 years ago this bitch had never seen “lights this big before” and now she shines brighter than all those lights in Hollywood. @chichidevayne is working it out in @rupaulsdragraceallstars3 🤩🙌🏾 so proud of you!!

🦄“Is it on? Check. Check.” Backstage @townhallnyc . From the article “Is This the Golden Age of Drag? Yes. And No.” by @nytimes . You can read it here: https://goo.gl/g9X5fq

💥Less than 2 weeks away! SaturGay at @climax607

Actual footage of me and my girls getting down tonight. 💃💃💃 #TGIF Queens! 💋 #DragRace @rupaulsdragrace @thorgythor @daxclamation @chichidevayne @naomismalls

@thorgythor & @therobbieturner 🤪🥊🤯😂 pt 3/3

Or who is a more iconic pair? 🤔 pt 2/3...

CAN NOT WAIT for @thorgythor & @therobbieturner to reenact these woman 🤣... pt 1/3

Found some older videos I never posted!! Like this one, “Green hair don’t care!” 🥦
This look is featured in the 2017 Look Book available at AcidBetty.com! 🤪🥊🤯
Full video at:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U1fVKnrIx8&t=5s

🍨 I do love a good mint chip ice cream 🍭Yummy &🍬Tasty is what the labels say inside the custom nailgloves by 💅🏽 @vie.lette unicornspoopglitter.com 🎨 Shadows, cream colors, foundations and lashes ALL from @kryolanofficial @kellyswork @kryolannyc 📼Full Video: https://youtu.be/r6pE-9oSK9k
📽ALL the LOOKS:http://acidbetty.com/looks/

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