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take me away 🌫

📚📖 books for january

on letting go, 10th anniversary 🎈✨

"just survive somehow" 🏹
done by @rickaggro13 at @lowbrowstudio

2016 was rough; i hid myself so much, i made myself go through pain for it and not anymore. this quote from carrie fisher is gonna be the quote i carry with me all year. 2017, i will live my truth, no one's opinion will stop me.

you're a wizard harry.✨

no one puts up with my shenanigans more than you, thank you t, love ya. 👯

a magical beginning to winter break with @buscemifanclub

my new plugs came in from @plugyourholes and i am so delighted with them💕✨

after a year of having to have my altar hidden, it is being put back into practice. thank the goddess because being a witch is an important part of my life, i don't know where I would be without my beliefs. blessed be my fellow pagans and witches 🌛🌕🌜✨

went to go see moana 🌊🌀

nevermind the ballistics 💫

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