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All this running around
Trying to cover my shadow
An ocean growing inside
All the others seem shallow
All this running around
Bearing down on my shoulders
I can hear an alarm
Must be morning
Tame Impala - Let It Happen

How optimism led me astray
Two hundred things I took the wrong way
But I saw her love gauge running low
I tried to fill but it overflowed

She remembers my name
Could be blown way out
It's all going to change
She remembers my name
Tame Impala - Mind Mischief

You're too busy
Seeing what you want to see
And you're tied up in a vision
Far away from reality
What don't you let things be what they want to be
You cannot change everything to your satifactory
Know what you can achieve
Without thinking bout what you need
Crack the code
live your life
live it good
live it right
crack the code unlock your safe
the diamonds are yours
the diamonds of life
Y'akoto - Diamonds

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It's not that this song's about her
All songs are about her
The sun shines underneath us
Fearing new kinds of mind control
And just blaming each other
She don't want to be a man or a woman
She wants to be your love
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Multi-Love

For all you know
You keep yourself from rising tone, no future holds.
Slowly look up, you're looking hard to find love.
Low key, fatal tune.
Hold me, you know this wasn't planned
Hold me close, you'll hold
Hold me now, to keep it all in sand
Hold fire, you'll hold
Washed Out - You And I

See, I've got this woman here
She loves me all the time
No need for excuses
No pressures in my mind

And she said love it all, love it all, love it all

My heart was living down
And I've been pushed over the line
But on your hand, it'd be broken
And I'll be all over this time
The Kooks - Love It All


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Today, it somehow made so much sense
That a cigarette could make it easier to breathe.
Sometimes all you need is a little more substance;
Some sort of reason to keep the air coming
Into your broken and weary body,
Despite every little thought in your head
That tells you not to bother

Movie suggestion: La vie d'Adèle (2013)

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