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Ash ✌  🌿24🌿 non binary ⚧ they/them🌿 📍 australia📍 《INFJ》 yer local stay-home 90's dad

Creating/arranging spaces is so therapeutic for anxiety. This morning, this room just had an inflatable mattress and that black dresser in it. We never came in here. Now it's my new favourite room. 😌

Hey fam 😊 I'm gunna slowly start posting/responding again. Things are still pretty hectic but I miss you guys too much.
Two weeks away has been really helpful and I'm so thankful for you all being not only patient, but being so supportive. I get heart flutters (the good kind haha) when I think about you all and how big your hearts are towards me and each other.
It's such a supportive environment we've made together and it's such a massive privildedge to be a part of it.
A few personal things have been happening while I've been away and I'm tossing up if I should share or not because it's really TMI and personal but also I know a lot of people might struggle with the same things and I don't want anyone to go shit like this alone.
Anyone who knows me personally knows I'm a rather private person and tbh you guys know more about me than most people who have known me for years. And I'm so grateful to not only be known by you guys, but to know you as well.
ANYway sorry to go on haha I love you !! all!!! And I hope all my #lgbt fam and allies are having a kick ass #pride month 😁✌🏳️‍🌈

Making up for not being able to wear a binder while my heart/breathing sorts out by over-accessorizing and dying my brows and lashes extra dark 👀
#nonbinary #pride #transgender

A decent #glowup. Happy #pride month everyone! #nonbinary #transgender

Hi I'm Ash I'm 24 and I never fucking learned how to pose for photos without putting my hand up to my face.

What was a good lesson you've learned in life that helped you grow in a positive way that you'd like to share with others? ⬇️

Getting tailored slacks makes me feel fancy as fuck (I probably need to tailor my sleeves). Also new job starts tomorrow! I even pressed my button up shirt 👨‍💼

Hey just a friendly reminder that not everyone will get everyone (as ideal as that would be). Whether it's our orientation(s), gender, interests, personalities, priorities, choices, goals, thoughts, etc. You never have to explain yourself to people at your own detriment - especially if they're hell bent on seeing you only how they want to see you. People can get too caught up in their own desires and it's not your job to get chewed up for their chance to mature. I get questions regularly by people who don't know how to make people understand them. The shitty truth is that not everyone will. Some people learn their own lessons in their own time and there's often nothing we can say to get through to them (this is often the case with parents unfortunately). So honestly, friends; you just do you. Just be you. If they don't get it, hopefully one day they will, but don't let that stop you from doin yer thing. At the end of the day it's always you who decides who you are. So listen whenever you can, educate whenever someone will listen, and give not one single organic fuck about people who try and put you in their little box of convenience. Because I think the sun shines out of yer ass and no one can change my mind.

New Jacket Confidence™
The fam at @general_pants always treat me so good and give me rando discounts and talk to me like an actual human. They're easily my fav retail shop, with @topman not too far behind. #notanad #genuinelove

Whether you celebrate Good Friday or not, I hope you have a good friday, fellas ✌

My fucking dog is more handsome than I'll ever be.

I love mornings. I love them. They're honestly sacred to me. The peace, the chilly air, the birds, the coffee, the pink sunlight. I love it all. With everything going on right now I struggle to enjoy my mornings or find that peace. But someday soon, I'm sure I'll have my mornings back.
Just a reminder that it's okay to not be okay. It's okay to put yourself and your happiness first to just make it through the day. The golden rule of treating others the way you'd like to be treated is great, but remember to treat yourself the way you'd like others to treat themselves too.

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