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Ash ✌  🌿23🌿 non binary ⚧ they/them🌿 📍melbourne australia📍 yer local stay-home 90's dad


Here's a simple hair reference for my choppy-ass haircut. This is how it falls post-shower with no product or styling. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hey fellas! First, I want to say thank you all for everything you guys made this account into. When I made this account, I made it as just a place to post freely and not worry about anyone seeing it or what they thought. But it's turned into not only a place where I can freely be myself, but a place where all you encourage each other and help each other be your best and fullest selves. And I love it. It is such a beautiful and wholesome thing to see. Thank you for your hearts.
I get worried some times because my whole heart is in this and every bit of me wants to help and help correctly. Which is why I want to study. But as I am right now, I struggle keeping up with everything. I have a lot of shit hitting multiple fans in my family life, mental health, and medical issues lately, on top of finding out we have to leave our home (that oh my god I love so much) and finding a new job and starting to study for a career I've been terrified to chase, as well as working on coming out as non binary officially to everyone in my world. 〰️
I don't ever want to give less than my whole heart and a focused mind when I give advice. I know I'm just a rando on the internet but goddamn I take this all seriously. You come to me with real problems in hard situations and I want to give you only the best of me that I can. But I'm struggling to hold it all together lately. And you guys deserve better than that. 〰️
So. As usual (haha), I ask for your patience. While I won't be GONE gone, I will be on far less, and answering questions far less often over the next few months. I'm gunna take more time away from my phone, healing, progressing, growing and grinding my way through some rough shit.
BUT. If any of you want open your inboxes to others as well, tag yourself (or other accounts you know of!) in the comments with what you can help with! It's always good to have wide support systems and multiple points of view.
I love you all and I'm always so thankful for you. Stay safe and be good to each other! ♡♡♡

I'm gunna move past my fears and be my whole self this year. I'm ready to study again and work towards the goal of being a counsellor. To change what I can in healthy ways and renew my hunger to never stop learning and challenging myself. You guys have helped me in so many ways and I'm so grateful to you all for helping me grow as a person. Your brave hearts and beautiful minds inspire me every day to not give up on becoming who I want to be. I'm ready to fuckin kill it this year, lads 👊💥

happy new year fellas!! take care of others, take care of yerselves, and take no shit. #intergalacticbathbomb

my 2011 ideal look

hey my dudes! with christmas in a few days i'll be taking time away from social media and being more present with my little fam. it's gunna be an extremly difficult christmas for us so we'll be off the grid a bit. this means i will be replying to messages rarely if at all for a while. i know christmas can be rough for a lot of people so take care of each other, be kind to each other AND yourselves. i hope you all have warm hearts and kind memories this year. i care about you guys so much and wish you all the best. 🎄👭👫👬

clean yer room & call yer mum she's worried

he takes me on walks to help me feel better and our dog doesn't mind either

📷 by @jos_k and @campianta

Local 90's Dad Sick for Almost Two Weeks. Spends All Time Watching Mad Men and Playing Animal Crossing



Pre-wedding galaxy soak with my book n plants ✨😌🌿🌌

🏡 I get married day after tomorrow guys 🏡

One of the most difficult factors in being sexually assaulted is the isolation after the event(s). How much safer it can feel to hold our tongues because of the pain, guilt, shame or fear. The #metoo campaign not only raises awareness for the world to see the magnitude of this issue, it also helps the victims see that they are not alone. The metoo campaign encourages victims of sexual assault of any kind to post the words #metoo in solidarity with other victims to raise awareness of just how many people have been hurt. You are not alone. I am not alone. There's no excuse or justification for assault.

I probably wont be posting much content other than on my story due to how busy life is right now. My fiance and I are getting married in less than a month (yay!), we're moving from our 1 bed apartment to a 3 bedroom house (🤞) further from the city, my fiance is starting his own business and we are starting our new life together as a married couple. Which is all very exciting and surreal! I'm trying to focus on what's in front of me more without a phone in my hand. Thank you all for being so continuously kind. I'll always reply to all the messages I can, whenever I can. I love you all. Be safe. 🌻 💙🌿

Sorry for not posting anything for like 2 weeks I'm lazy af

I keep getting DMs and Sarahah messages asking what my "real" name is. "Why Ash?" Because Ash is my name.

I've gone by quite a number of names in my life. My identity is thrown out of balance due to my mental health. But the old names are irrelevant to me. I answer to them but I don't consider them my name. My name is Ash.
This poem is the only poem I know by heart. It is my favourite. It was burned into me when my sister died just 5 months ago. A week before that was when I started going by Ash. It is the name of my favourite tree. The last word in my favourite poem. The first half of my middle name. And the name of who I am becoming. Please do not keep asking what my "real" name is. It's Ash. My name is Ash.

Freckle boy

I need more grey shirts

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