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Ace Wilde  XvX Yankee Doodle Dandy Tattoo acewildetattoo@gmail.com for appts! @iowafarmsanctuary ❤️@chelsea_wilde Proud dad @thebailydaily


I don’t get to see my friends that I don’t work with often because we are so busy. But, @paulnycz_cc has been hanging with me every Monday morning for a couple month. I’m so thankful for someone who is a brother (in crew and family), a peer (as a tattooer), a role model (as a fellow father and as an artist) and a confidant (that will give me honest advice and an open ear). Love you man. (Yes I reposted this)

This little girl has been a handful. But, we have loved almost every minute of it. She’s so full of love and fun. #ruthwilde

Drawn on of course. Thanks, Halee!

I painted @thehoudinibrothers for @mrskendallscott
This is literally all I want to do now. If you would like me to paint your pet (of any kind), email or private message me!
Thank you, Kendall!

Bat and mandala. Thanks, Ashley!

Happy birthday to the best partner anyone could ever ask for. @chelsea_wilde is not only beautiful, smart, funny, and full of love. She is everything from diligent to creative and from humble to warm.
This year has been the biggest roller coaster of either of our lives. I️ couldn’t have done it without her. (I️ really couldn’t have gotten married without her. That would have been weird.)
I️ admire you so much. Watching you take on this cruel world with your huge heart is mind blowing. I’m so excited for this next year and all that you’ll accomplish.
Happy birthday, My Boo.

She’ll put a curse on you. Thanks, Josh!

Skylar! Thanks, Andrew!

My friends look out for me like family!
It’s hard for me to find time for tattooing/art stuff outside of my everyday grind. And, for time with my friends even though that is extremely important.
I’m stoked to have a couple hours every Monday to just refresh with a guy who has been on this road with me for most of the journey and that keeps everyone on their toes.
Love ya, @paulnycz_cc !

Meet Coco (maybe Ruth, we don’t know yet). Words cannot explain how perfect she is.
I can’t wait for @thebailydaily to meet her tomorrow.
@chelsea_wilde met her while tabling for @iowafarmsanctuary today at the @greatiowapetexpo
She will meet everyone soon enough.
She’s 2 years old. Needs to lose a few pounds. And, was rescued from death row at an over crowded Chicago shelter.
Nearly 2,000 dogs are killed in shelters every DAY.
We wanted a Boston or a Beagle. But, we were open to whoever needed us and fit our list and ultimately chose us.
Well, this sweet girl knew exactly who she needed. She looked right in our eyes and said, “take me home.”

This weekend was one I’ll never forget. I couldn’t be more proud of my family. My wife @chelsea_wilde is a powerhouse of a woman doing such incredible things.
My son @thebailydaily worked his butt off for the @iowafarmsanctuary and then rocked his parent teacher conferences. He’s destined to be an impressive human!

I’m told I haven’t posted enough online lately. But, it’s honestly because I’ve been focusing on being in the moment. Since I have problems sleeping, I might as well post some stuff at night for a while.
@chelsea_wilde and I have not taken enough time to be newly weds. Though we work so well together, we need to have more dates. So, we went to @desmoinesartcenter and boy did the features blow us away. You also get to go inside one of the installments. Don’t miss out!
Then this evening, we visited one of the @iowafarmsanctuary residents, Cooper, at the ISU Large Animal Hospital with @thebailydaily and our close friends, @jeredc and @shawnaleigh2
To be transparent, I have had some depression and anxiety problems. My wife, my son, my friends, and my family have really stepped up and stuck their neck out to help me. I may have had these issues before I was sober but just drowned them in self destructive behavior. But, I don’t remember ever dealing with something like this.
Guess what though.. life is more about the awesome stuff than the hard stuff. Today was a perfect example.
I really have the best of the best. Best wife. Best son. Best friends. Best family. Count your blessings, not your hardships.
And like my brother @ichibike says, “when you’re going through hell, don’t stop to hangout there.”

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