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Samuel Little 

I am no longer a part of The Gospel Youth. After the worst week imaginable, full of hate, twisted stories and losing everything because of my actions, the final straw has broken. Please never take anything for granted. I give my thanks to anyone who's cared, supported or even spared a thought for me but this is goodbye. Enjoy your lives. I have a lot to say but most of you didn't give a shit when it mattered so whatever, what's done is done. I mean, fuck what I have to say, right?
Finally, and if this is the only thing you take from this, please make sure that band get everything they deserve. They're some of the hardest working guys and this does not deserve to be their final chapter. They will be back with new music and if it's the stuff we were working on, it will blow your minds.

To those of you who care: thank you, honestly. I'm gonna start looking after myself and fix the various problems i have accrued over the years.
& to those of you quick to jump to conclusions, full of hate, or not worth my time, don't worry.

I'll never see you again. (P.S. I'm not gonna do anything stupid, to those that have read that as a suicide note. Just goes to show you that, something out of context, makes you jump to conclusions.)

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