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Acer saccharum  ΔŇŦ€PĦIΔŁŦIĆ checking some to remain in touch. @_phytolacca_ if youd like to support me n my art. please n thanks.

no longer gonna post personal chronicle- please have a look at art and tattoos (@_phytolacca_ ) and show support there if youd lyke? gone looking for a path to build animal sanctuary... antihelium and impossible water. if you have photos of miette and josephine please share them with me:


taking a photograph of yourself on dog mattress covered in slobber < taking a photograph of yourself on slobber throne and your beautiful ass dog wants held on your sweaty lap #mietteismyqueenforever #pizzatoes #dimentionalanalysis

strobe image/pse warning. pulled poison ivy in dizzying heat- kissed my dogs 100 times- watched a vessel full of electric light emerge from mountain water licking swirling hollows and moss adorned rocks- was reminded of how grossly disassociated people can be with what they think its cute to celebrate- kissed my dogs another 100 times.

red clay- water. in.

not as lost as u think

... mon beau chien- in contrast to whats frightful- eye catch smiles to be your river chair... you absolute butthead. #dimensionalanalysis

whisper chvrch dense electric blaze and weighted ashen clouds of appalachian thvnderstorm times

solstice blessings and protections: to your hexes and assaults on fascism.

time distance velocity mass temperature energy weight ʇıɯǝ dısʇɐnɔǝ ʌǝloɔıʇʎ ɯɐss ʇǝɯdǝɹɐʇnɹǝ ǝnǝɹƃʎ ʍǝıƃɥʇ

barefoot playing margarets harp

made 32 under the new moon and both beasts stuck around for the salt water. eye love my dogs beyond the beyond. they are my home. eye love my dogs.

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