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Albert Cadena Jr. Use Coupon Code: ACDNA when ordering through SCALE suspension! #scalesuspension #teamscale

It’s that time of year again. Someone cash me out on my parts, I’m bored of stancey cars.
Bags: 2k plus shipping
Wheels w/o tires: 1.5k plus shipping

Yo I think I found out why my camber plates don’t match lmao

I work by my favorite Mexican restaurant now so I’m probably gonna get extremely fat again 🆒

Happy birthday to my baby sister I love you ❤️

Happy Mother’s Day to @wendyrcortes. If I’m ever in another relationship, they’re going to need to accept that she’s one of my best friends in this world and she always will be. She also comes second to Abby, sorry not sorry. #cheesypost

I am the pupper whisperer

I actually left my house for once

Need to get my front LCAs extended ASAP

Finally have tints again

I should’ve just kept you

Axle: ✔️
Brakes: ✔️
Alignment: ✔️
Tint: 🔜

A cat walks into a bar

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