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Academy of Handmade  We're here to help you sort out what's going on in your handmade business and help you with #makerlife. Our mastermind program is one way! 👇

What is that you think makes other business successful? Often I see people looking at success as:⠀
🔺Having enough followers⠀
🔺Perfecting a sales funnel⠀
🔺Being the best at Etsy⠀
🔺Being the best at wholesale⠀
🔺Creating the perfect product⠀
None of these things are bad. But resting your success on them is... probably not a recipe for success. That's why we created a mastermind SPECIFICALLY for #makers ✂️🎨! ⠀

👯‍♀️We believe that when you have a supportive community baked into a program expertly designed for thriving makers, you will grow your business beyond what you could have ever done on your own. Check it out here 👉 or click the link in the profile

While you get into your creative messes this weekend, consider listening to some YHBTVs. Each week we talk for about 30 minutes on maker-related topics like wholesale, manufacturing, selling, pitching and more! This week we talked about our mastermind that's happening very soon. Sign up for May and watch here or click the link in the profile

GET YOURSELF TO THE STATE OF MAKING STAT! 👩🏼‍💻🏃🏽‍♀️You have only until tomorrow at 12pm PT/ 3pm ET to register for #stateofmaking18 for free 😍. After that it's gonna cost you 💸 (I mean it's still totally worth it, but obvi free is better! ;)). So don't wait. Head over to and sign up or click the link in the profile. You'll get access to the replays for-ev-er!

"When creating a product line, It's important to have a clear customer in mind so you can stay true to your brand and make sure the line as a whole is cohesive and attractive to your target market." --Adrienne Wiley of @coveted_frolick
TOMORROW! We kick of two days of chatting with amazing and insightful guests like Adrienne! Don't miss it-- even if you can't watch live, you can watch the replay. Register now or click the link in the profile ✨✨✨⠀
Adrienne Wiley is a self taught jewelry designer who left her corporate job at a Fortune 500 insurance company in 2005 to pursue her jewelry business, Frolick. After successfully learning the ins and outs of wholesale, Wiley grew her jewelry brand into a line carried at over 800 retailers. She also opened a retail boutique in San Francisco called Covet, that is celebrating 9 years in business. ⠀
Wiley is also the author of Adventures in Wholesale, a book helping product based businesses navigate selling wholesale. Adrienne also recently launched Creators & Adventurers, a consultancy to help creative entrepreneurs launch, grow, and level up their businesses with tools, resources, and networking with like-minded lady bosses. With over 22 years of combined experience in both the wholesale and retail industries, Adrienne has a unique perspective that is invaluable in growing a successful brand.

There is no big secret other than this: *you* are the secret. Tenacious, persevering you, telling a story no one else can tell and doing it in a way nobody else can do it. And each morning you wake up and do that again, and again, and again. -- Stacia Guzzo @smartypits
Wow! You will be inspired by and learn so much from Stacia! She has shown what smarts, guts and devotion can do for a business. And her deodorants are the best if I do say so myself. 😍🙋‍♀️🙆‍♀️You've got two days to register! And it's free. or click the link in the profile ✨✨✨⠀
Stacia Guzzo is a teacher-turned-entrepreneur and owner of The Handcrafted HoneyBee Company. The HHB Co creates and sells skin care products that get you thinking...literally. Inspired by her time in the classroom, Stacia formed a company that infuses knowledge & smart messages with its products. The HHB Co is known for its premier line of natural deodorant, SmartyPits, and has grown to having its products in over 300 retail locations around the country. Each day, Stacia works with her team of six in their warehouse in Tehachapi, California.

"A sustainable business needs reliable tools. It is important to have tools available that work for you and your business. Selling platforms are the tools that help connect you to the world." --Elizabeth of @forgottencotton

We cannot wait to chat with Elizabeth about her experience on @amazonhandmade. #stateofmaking18 starts THIS THURSDAY and you can register for free at or click the link in the profile ⠀

Elizabeth is half of the maker team behind ForgottenCotton. ForgottenCotton, entering it's seventh year, is a full time women's accessories business based in rural Wyoming. Elizabeth holds a Bachelors in Dance, Art and Theatre and a Masters Degree in Art Education. Previously to being a hermit style small business owner she worked as an art teacher and as a professional set designer and painter. Recently, with the help of her husband and business partner, created an adorable small human named Virginia who is FC's youngest and cutest model.

"After over 15 years of making online shops for creative businesses, I have a bird’s eye view of what works and what doesn’t. I’d like to get you on the track for success!" -Arianne of @aeolidia
It's this week! Hangout (online) with Arianne and other amazing guests talking about what's happening in #makerlife. It starts THIS THURSDAY and you can register for free at⠀or click the link in the profile ✨✨✨⠀
Arianne Foulks is a storyteller, idea-hatcher, and optimistic yaysayer. She is captain and founder of Aeolidia, a web and graphic design studio that has been working with creative shops since 2004.

Meet another one of our stellar guests for #stateofmaking18! It's **free**. Join us! Register at or click the link in the profile ✨✨✨⠀
Amanda is the owner and artist for @breadandbadger, which sandblasts original designs, custom art, and pet portraits onto drinkware for memorable and durable gifts. Our products nourish the soul, and remind you of special events while you sip your favorite beverages. We have a studio in Portland, OR.

"The @Etsy platform serves as one of the many tools I use to help guide my business through the consistencies & the changes of the e-commerce world." -- Jennifer of @theideaboxkids
A seasoned #Etsyseller, Jennifer has loads of wisdom to share at this year's #stateofmaking18! It's **free** and she's part of a very awesome lineup of guests. Join us!
Jennifer Young is the owner of The Idea Box Kids, a company that seeks to cure “I’m bored” in kids by creating covertly educational activities. On Etsy since 2011, Jennifer has sold thousands of boxes of open-ended fun worldwide (both retail & wholesale). The Idea Box Kids has been featured in Country Living, MaryJanesFarm, San Diego Family Magazine and on sites like Fodor's Travel, The Week, CafeMom, Simply Real Moms and more. Jennifer has been a business owner for 20 years, with 13 years of ecommerce experience.

"Social media isn't just for fun anymore. As an online business owner, utilizing technology is one of the most powerful ways you can reach, connect with, and ultimately sell to your audience." --Annika of @heymavensxo
✨✨✨⠀ Annika is a branding powerhouse and is not afraid to try new things on social media. We love how she's used it for her branding-- from photo shoots to Facebook groups to video. We're excited to have her on this year's #stateofmaking18! It's **free** and she's part of a very awesome lineup of guests.
I was raised in Northern California, educated in Boston, started my business in Los Angeles, and I now live in Nashville, Tennessee where I own and operate a handful of handmade business out of my basement studio. Married & Bright began by accident when I decided to use leftover materials for a previously closed business to make a bralette. After posting it on Instagram and receiving multiple requests for duplicates, I opened an etsy shop to sell just that one bra. Several hundred bralettes and a name change later, Hey Mavens is now a branch of my lingerie business designed to celebrate the expert within all of us. In Her Right Mind, and Baby & Bright are the side-hustles to my side hustles.⠀

"Each and every time I've hired help, my business has grown" -Katie Hunt⠀
If you don't know Katie of @tradeshowcamp, well, you should! She's brilliant about all things wholesale, running your business sustainably and growing strategically. We love and adore her. We're excited to have her on this year's #stateofmaking18! It's free and you'll want to join to hear Katie and the rest of our stellar guests. or click the link in the profile ✨✨✨⠀
Katie Hunt is the founder of Tradeshow Bootcamp, host of the Proof to Product podcast, a business strategist, and mentor to product based business owners. She is a firm believer in professional development, surrounding yourself with community and pushing ‘go’ even when you might not feel 100% ready.⠀

Katie has taught classes for CreativeLive, The Savvy Experience, Seanwes Conference, Be Sage Conference, Unique Camp, and she's hosted 14 conferences through Tradeshow Bootcamp. She frequently speaks about strategies for creating a product line, selling wholesale, business planning and the importance of community for entrepreneurs.⠀

"As creative people, sometimes numbers can be scary - I get it. But our fear of numbers (or bookkeeping or taxes) is really just fear of the unknown. We fear what we don't totally understand. Knowledge is confidence." -Janet LeBlanc of @paperandspark
We could not agree more! Looking to chat more with Marlo and 11 stellar makers and experts at # #stateofmaking18. Join us for this *FREE* 🤑 online summit Mary 3rd and 4th. Details at or click the link in the profile ✨✨✨⠀
Janet LeBlanc is a Certified Public Accountant, serial-entrepreneur, maker and mama located in Houston. In 2013, she founded Paper + Spark, where she offers educational content, tools, and spreadsheet templates for especially for handmade sellers and makers. Her goal is to help creative entrepreneurs become more confident and less confused about the financial side of running their business. Janet is passionate about empowering makers and helping creatives bring their entrepreneurial dreams to life with clarity.

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