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Acacia Brinley Clark  mama to brinley & luci adventure partner: jairus kersey disney enthusiast + optimist PO Box 7052 Springfield, OR 97475 💌

Love my Oregon

My brunch date in her brunch outfit 😍🥓🥚🍳🍞(tagged)

Hello Lovely people of Los Angeles!!! I'm doing a meet and greet at @beautycon August 12th💗 I am so fricking excited to see you guys, I haven't done a meet up in so long. I can't wait to hug each and everyone of you. Link in my bio for tickets!! 💗 #beautyconLA

Jairus and I took Brinley to the pool for the first time. We have a salt water-heated pool so we knew it'd be safe! It was so warm and cozy that she just fell asleep! Must've reminded her of the womb. 😂😂😂 Swipe for pictures! Matching Suits are from @raisingwild 💛

Dainty jewelry has my heart.
The lovely lady who made this necklace also is designing and creating my engagement ring. She's spectacular. Check out her stuff!!! All the love to @leenabell 💛💛💛

I love the Saturday market 🌼

Color walls 👉🏻 Colorful hammock

What can I say, I love colorful walls

Spending some time in PDX today ✨

Had such a good time in Indiana with my family a few weeks ago and getting to finally cook my grandma dinner thanks to @hellofresh. After having her cook for me as a kid it was fun to return the favor. @HelloFresh made it super easy - scheduling our delivery to where we were and surprising her with dinner that came out AMAZING ❤ Use my code "Acacia30" to try it for yourself and get $30 off your first week at #hellofreshpics #hfpartner #ad #getcooking

Good morning!!! Brinley went to her personal nail salon this morning brought to her by her fabulous father. I guess you could say she loved it.