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Professional Fellows Program  PFP invites young, emerging leaders from Eurasia and Southeast Asia to spend 6 weeks working in a professional fellowship in a US city.

As our Professional Fellowship ends today, I’d like honor my 8 co-professional fellows who are equally smart, passionate, and crazy fun! Hahaha 😂🤣 Tanya of Ukraine, Maria of Russia, Cristina of Moldova, Exan of the Philippines, Win of Burma, Hovo of Armenia, and Thwe of Burma. The past 4 weeks allowed us to draw from each other’s strengths and learn from each other’s weaknesses. We may have been deployed to Hawaii as Professional Fellows to learn more about Economic Empowerment but it also allowed for cultural understanding among our different countries from Eurasia and Southeast Asia. Thank you to the @statedept and @ac_pfp for allowing us to learn and literally @exchangeourworld! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 This is @EmilTapnio from the Philippines, signing off. Maraming maraming salamat! #yseali #pfp #exchangeourworld #statedept #americancouncils #profellows #profellows2018 #philippines #pilipinas #burma #myanmar #armenia #russia #moldova #ukraine #honolulu #hawaii #usa #thankyou #salamat

Thanks to the 18-hour time zone difference between Hawaii and the Philippines, I’m able to juggle work fellowship schedule at daytime and touching base with my team back in the Philippines at nighttime. To achieve work-life balance: the International Hospitality Center, our host parents, work supervisors, and new-found Hawaiian friends, graciously toured us around the area. Among the places we get to visit are the Pearl Harbor Memorial, USS Arizona Memorial, USS Missouri Battleship, Polynesian Cultural Center, Marine Base in Kaneohe Bay, the Hawaii Book and Music Festival, and the Waikiki Beach. #yseali #pfp #exchangeourworld #statedept #worklifebalance #honolulu #hawaii #usa #profellows #exchangeprogram #profellows2018 #aloha #islandparadise

Over the course of 4 weeks, I had the pleasure of meeting Hawaii rockstars on their respective fields: 1. Ret. Supreme Court Justice Steve Levinson who penned a landmark opinion paving way for same sex civil union in the US. 2. Filipino-American Sherry Menor-McNamarra, the CEO/President of Hawaii Chamber of Commerce, who tirelessly fights for inclusion of startup entrepreneurs, 3. Dr. Maya Soetero-Ng, the Director of Matsunaga Institute of Peace, an educator and writer, and long-time advocate of peace and conflict resolution, (maternal sister of former US President Barrack Obama), 4. Dr. Chad Walton, Head of the University of Hawaii Innovation Lab, who champions innovative thinking among faculty and students, 5. Randy, a retired Veteran who fought in the Vietnam war and now advocates for Veteran rights, and 6. Laurie Field, the Hawaii Legislative Director and Public Affairs Manager of Planned Parenthood who tirelessly campaigns for sex education and women’s rights. All of them continue to make Hawaii a state where everyone has equal access for the marginalized sector. Hat’s off these amazing people! #yseali #profellows #exchangeourworld #statedept #americancouncils #pfp #advocate #champion #lgbt #business #entrepreneur #peace #conflictresolution #innovation #education #veteran #plannedparenthood #women #honolulu #hawaii #usa #humanrights #rockstar

Volunteering is one of the community service that most Americans do. I met Ellen at the Manoa Senior Care where my host dad, Michael Leong, regularly visit to provide mini-musical performance for the elderlies. While Michael sang and played the guitar, Ellen and I groove to the music. This photo was taken while I was trying to teach her how to do a body pop. 😃🤩 #yseali #pfp #exchangeourworld #statedept #profellows2018 #volunteering #manoa #honolulu #hawaii #usa #elderly #love #care #communityservice #communityinvolvement

As program director of @phildev_org, a NGO in the Philippines that advocates for education, innovation, and entrepreneurship as means to eradicate poverty, I had very specific goals in my @yseali_official Professional Fellowship as part of the Economic Empowerment Cohort. At the onset, I knew my fellowship placement at @SultanVentures was a perfect fit. Over the last 4 weeks, I was able to understand key strategies of how a highly-successful venture firm like Sultan Ventures accelerate startup enterprises by conducting rigorous hands-on training and introducing alternative approach to accessing investments. Sultan Venture also established and manages the @XLR8UH, an award-winning Venture Accelerator investing in entrepreneurs and technologies in University of Hawaii. XLR8UH has been featured in @forbes as one of the top 30 US accelerators. The expertise and experience of Sultan Ventures are some of the amazing things I can see worth adapting in Philippine setting when I go back to my home country. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!! For more details, visit
#yseali #pfp #profellows #exchangeourworld #statedept #entrepreneurship #education #innovation #investment #sultanventures #xlr8uh #honolulu #hawaii #usa #profellows2018

It’s almost a month now since I started living with my host parents as a Professional Fellow here in Honolulu and the very first who welcomed me with the Aloha spirit are my host parents. I’ve always been a coffee-only-in-the-morning kind of guy but my host mom Barbara Fischlowitz-Leong and Michael Leong never fails to lovingly encourage me on having a breakfast to power me the whole day. As an adult living in Manila, I get reminded of how my own mom would do it every morning while I was growing up. :) Barbara being a long-time advocate for Persons with Disabilities and Michael being a legislative expert, both jumpstart hearty conversations that range from politics, family, Hawaii, good coffee, art, travel, and literally anything under the sun that perks me up in the morning.
P.S. Check out the @ac_pfp instastories for more of @emiltapnio ’s Instagram takeover. #yseali #pfp #exchangeourworld #statedept #americancouncils #profellows #hostfamily #honolulu #hawaii #usa #aloha

What better way to close out the Spring 2018 PFP Fellowship than with an Instagram Takeover with another one of our Fellows! Tomorrow and Friday, @EmilTapnio will be in charge of all the content on this page, so be sure to check back in to follow along his #PFP journey in Honolulu, Hawaii! Thanks Emil!

I want to close my takeover with this photo, they are my new family from all over South East Asia. I admire every single of their works, personality, and above all their stories. These new family give me strong hope that if we continue move forward together we can make South East Asian countries leading in the global competition. Ladies and Gentlemen this is us, The YSEALI Economic Empowerment Spring 2018.
Thank your for your love to following my journey these 2 days
#YSEALI #ProFellows #PFP #StateDept #ExchangeOurWorld #aditakeover

Beside working at the worksite I get experience to doing Volunteering Activities. I choose to volunteering at Public Kitchen that serves for people in need around DC that organized By SOME (So Other Might Eat). I touched by the spirit volunteer of people in DC some of people that I met here do the volunteering regularly at least once a month. Lena one of the staff let me bring home the Volunteer Hat as memento. Such a heart warming experience that I will never forget.
PS: we not allowed to take the picture while 'the guest still in the dining room for the sake of their privacy
#YSEALI #ProFellows #PFP #StateDept #ExchangeOurWorld #aditakeover #TeamIndonesia #volunteer

Happy Faces after learn how awesome the accessibility facilities provided by @kennedycenter to give best experience to people with disability in enjoying and even performing a show. Thank you @jaimieholmes and Nena Abrahamian from American Council for accompanying me today. And for Mrs. Betty Siegel for the priceless knowledge and story to help me build more accessible and inclusive facilities for tourism in Indonesia.
Ps: (and of course for letting us experiencing on stage and backstage experience)
#ProFellows #PFP #StateDept #ExchangeOurWorld

Where I stay here? I stay at the beautiful Neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia. I'm living with my Host Mother Lilia, it happened she has a Brazilian Guy named Mattheus stay there earlier for his study. Lilia also introduce me to another student from Kazakzhstan that ever live with her named Dyas. And we don't want to forget our cutest member, Jackie, Lilias's black puddle. The first picture taken when Mattheus back to Brazil and he bring his wife and brother-in-law to our house before their American trip and back to Brazil. And here they are my International big family and all thanks to #YSEALI #PFP
#ProFellows #PFP #StateDept #ExchangeOurWorld

Do you ever imagine you can chat with the Council Member from the Capital City of United States? In the first photo is me with CouncilMember Vince Gray The CouncilMember of Washington DC and used to be The Mayor of Washington DC in 2011 until 2015. That day DC Chamber of Commerce bring me to experience the lobbying between business comunity in DC with CouncilMember regarding a policy to reduce business cost in DC. Such a insightful discussion that give me slight picture about how business and goverment works in Washington DC. Thank you #YSEALI for this priceless opportunity
#ProFellows #PFP #StateDept #ExchangeOurWorld #MyDCCool

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