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Instagram takeover by @surifilan.

Today is our last Friday in Honolulu and we had farewell dinner with our host families and worksites. Here is the summary from my jorney in this past 1 month!

2nd pict: farewell lunch with my worksite at Assistive Technology Resource Centre of Hawaii.

3rd pict: the fellows spent time together at Polynesian Cultural Centre to know further about the hawaiian culture. It was arranged by IHC (international hospitality centre) YSEALI's partner in Honolulu.

4th pict: we had a meeting with an organization focusing on child protection in Hawaii. This state has amazing work for that issue!

5th pict: I had a chance to present about my social enterprise @diffagoid , Indonesia, and Bali! At least some people in Honolulu know that Indonesia is so big and not only about Bali.

6th pict: I met Special Parents Information Networks (SPIN), an organization for parents of children disability. Their work are amazing which impactful to how the state works to fulfill their children's rights!

7th pict: I met Lion Club, an organization that consist of "senior" people that focusing in volunteering to help blind people/ people with vision impaired and give glassess to people who need it around the world!

8th pict: it was the 2nd day we arrived in Honolulu and they "welcoming" us on the cruise at Waikiki Beach! We enjoyed it a lot.

9th pict: with Oho'pono organization that focusing to help blind people to become independent and reach their max potential. " We have high expectation to blind people because the world has very low judgement for them already. They think blind people only can do massage but no we can do more than it. We can cook we can go everywhere by ourselves, we can go to school, etc" , said Gavin, the program Manager of Oho'pono.

10th pict: with Hawaii Disability Rights Centre that focus to the rights protection of people with disabilities to get education, house, insurance, employment, vote in the election, accessibility, etc.


Instagram takeover by @surifilan
With my very first inclusive team ever, at ATRC (people with low vision, blind people, autism, and people with non disability work together perfectly)! I have social enterprise that focusing in disability issues in Indonesia called @diffagoid and I am placed at Assisstive Technology Resource Centre (ATRC) of Hawaii in Honolulu which has vision to link people with diversability to the technology. On the picture (left side) is my Supervisor, Barbara Fischlowitz-Leong, The Executive Director of ATRC.
They gave me so many chances to meeting with other related organizations in Honolulu, Bussiness People, their clients, and events which enrich my insight about disability in Honolulu.

Thank you very much for connecting me with this fantastic organization. I feel blessed! And our relationship will be longer than my YSEALI program in Honolulu!


Instagram takeover by @surifilan

We met Maya Soetoro-NG , Obama's half sister who is currently a Faculty Specialist and Director of Community Outreach and Global Learning at the Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace & Conflict Resolution, which is based in the College of Social Sciences at the University of Hawaii at Manoa , as well as running Obama's Foundation !


Aloha everyone!

My name is @surifilan from Indonesia 🇮🇩. I will be taking over the instagram today and showing you my journey here in Honolulu Hawaii for about one month as I have wonderful experiences to meet so many inspiring people and organizations.

So, stay tune!



Instagram Takeover : For my fellowship in Little Rock, Arkansas - I was placed at the @venturecenter, which usually runs an accelerator program for fintech companies from around the world. I had the privilege of meeting many exciting people who were behind the scenes of developing the center and get valuable mentorship for @bigbwnproject. I’ve learned how to build a business model, business plans and so much more over the last month. Thank you @venturecenter for an exciting stay and guiding me through my journey! #americancouncils #exchangeourworld #usa #profellows #pfp2018 #america #statedept #venturecenter #littlerock #arkansas

Instagram Takeover : Tuesdays at Little Rock’s @venturecenter is Lift The Rock, a weekly program attended by local movers and shakers that educates and inspires action by exploring important industry topics in an interactive, storytelling format. This program brings together bright minds to challenge the entrepreneurial and business community in tackling some of the biggest issues in various industries with the goal of creating positive change and accelerating the business community. Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to share my story with @bigbwnproject, and my future goals and the problems back home I was solving. It was really exciting to talk about what inspired me and challenged me, and what it feels like to come from a different part of the world! 🌏🇺🇸 @fisharashid #americancouncils #exchangeourworld #statedept #profellows #brunei #pfp2018 #usa #america #littlerock #lifttherock #entrepreneur #passion

Instagram Takeover: It’s #Election day today in the United States, and we got to attend both the Republicans and Democrats Election Parties to experience the different selections made for the state of Arkansas and National Elections. Thank you @globaltiesarkansas for this exciting experience! 🇺🇸 #arkansas #usa #exchangeourworld #statedept #americancouncils #yseali #littlerock #electionday #america #experience

Hi everyone! My name is @fisharashid, from Brunei Darussalam! I will be taking over the instagram page for the next couple of days, and taking you on a journey with me through Little Rock, Arkansas, as I meet the wonderful and exciting people here! I am one of the 4 fellows based here (the other 3 are from Indonesia, Thailand and Moldova). I have been spending my time visiting many different offices and organisations here and sharing knowledge with so many inspiring people! 😍 Thanks American Council for letting me share my exciting adventures and experiences so far! Watch this page as I take you around Little Rock through my eyes 😍 #acpfp #profellows #profellows2018 #statedept #exchangeourworld #brunei #arkansas #littlerock #usa

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As our Professional Fellowship ends today, I’d like honor my 8 co-professional fellows who are equally smart, passionate, and crazy fun! Hahaha 😂🤣 Tanya of Ukraine, Maria of Russia, Cristina of Moldova, Exan of the Philippines, Win of Burma, Hovo of Armenia, and Thwe of Burma. The past 4 weeks allowed us to draw from each other’s strengths and learn from each other’s weaknesses. We may have been deployed to Hawaii as Professional Fellows to learn more about Economic Empowerment but it also allowed for cultural understanding among our different countries from Eurasia and Southeast Asia. Thank you to the @statedept and @ac_pfp for allowing us to learn and literally @exchangeourworld! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 This is @EmilTapnio from the Philippines, signing off. Maraming maraming salamat! #yseali #pfp #exchangeourworld #statedept #americancouncils #profellows #profellows2018 #philippines #pilipinas #burma #myanmar #armenia #russia #moldova #ukraine #honolulu #hawaii #usa #thankyou #salamat

Thanks to the 18-hour time zone difference between Hawaii and the Philippines, I’m able to juggle work fellowship schedule at daytime and touching base with my team back in the Philippines at nighttime. To achieve work-life balance: the International Hospitality Center, our host parents, work supervisors, and new-found Hawaiian friends, graciously toured us around the area. Among the places we get to visit are the Pearl Harbor Memorial, USS Arizona Memorial, USS Missouri Battleship, Polynesian Cultural Center, Marine Base in Kaneohe Bay, the Hawaii Book and Music Festival, and the Waikiki Beach. #yseali #pfp #exchangeourworld #statedept #worklifebalance #honolulu #hawaii #usa #profellows #exchangeprogram #profellows2018 #aloha #islandparadise

Over the course of 4 weeks, I had the pleasure of meeting Hawaii rockstars on their respective fields: 1. Ret. Supreme Court Justice Steve Levinson who penned a landmark opinion paving way for same sex civil union in the US. 2. Filipino-American Sherry Menor-McNamarra, the CEO/President of Hawaii Chamber of Commerce, who tirelessly fights for inclusion of startup entrepreneurs, 3. Dr. Maya Soetero-Ng, the Director of Matsunaga Institute of Peace, an educator and writer, and long-time advocate of peace and conflict resolution, (maternal sister of former US President Barrack Obama), 4. Dr. Chad Walton, Head of the University of Hawaii Innovation Lab, who champions innovative thinking among faculty and students, 5. Randy, a retired Veteran who fought in the Vietnam war and now advocates for Veteran rights, and 6. Laurie Field, the Hawaii Legislative Director and Public Affairs Manager of Planned Parenthood who tirelessly campaigns for sex education and women’s rights. All of them continue to make Hawaii a state where everyone has equal access for the marginalized sector. Hat’s off these amazing people! #yseali #profellows #exchangeourworld #statedept #americancouncils #pfp #advocate #champion #lgbt #business #entrepreneur #peace #conflictresolution #innovation #education #veteran #plannedparenthood #women #honolulu #hawaii #usa #humanrights #rockstar

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