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Abu Haziq  A sensible Millennial. Ponies ask for me for their birthdays

I couldn't thank @shrhaadi family enough for driving us around despite shitload of ERP..., and treating us to such a great dinner, the murtabak! Big love to your beautoful family. To my Eton, @husneh i had fun at the wedding! definitely waaayyyyyy different from "bawah block" weddings in Malaysia, god i miss you already. @moonatch , thank your for the comfy bed, mee soto...(aku still nak basil tu doh)oh and the endless laughfest , And @emerqals lapyubis,thanks for the trip, i owe you my life (read: chicken nuggets). Everyone, send my regards to your parents. GOD BLESS.

Female dog better have my currency!
Today i stumbled upon erin's. And i found love.



One of the paintings by Monica Ramos. I'm so obsessed. I've been pinterest-ing over her artworks the whole day.

I shall earn shitload of money to buy one 😭

Ramadhan was beautiful...May Allah accept our efforts and grant us forgiveness. On this Hari Raya, May Allah SWT bless us all, accept our duas, forgive our sins, grant us good health & happiness .SELAMAT HARI RAYA!


Today's iftar with my staff, rezeki untuk dikongsi #TheBestBossEver

Happy birthday to the women i love, wishing you a day as sunny as your smile, as warm as your heart, as as wonderful as you are.

The blessed month is back!
(Narrated by Abu Huraira)
Allah's Apostle said, "When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of the heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained."
Do good, get connected with the Creator ❤

So glad that i attended @dee.alyahya 's 1st gig! It's definitely easier to eat than to paint them 🔪

Watercolour workshop:Paint & gain with dee alyahya, probably the wisest decision to do on sunday.

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