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Annette Lamothe-Ramos  🕷 "Creative" 🦇 thefront.com

My best friend John McSwain @vacationsonline co-directed and edited the most amazing audiovisual album for @anmlcollective with the ULTIMATE legends Colin Foord and Jared McKay from @coralmorphologic and it was just released RIGHT NOW! If you do anything this weekend you MUST watch this! I promise you it is one of the best things you will ever see - I love it so goddamn much the link is even in my bio. Also if you don’t know @coralmorphologic or @vacationsonline by now you’re fucking up big time. Are we even friends IRL?!🍊🌊🍄 #tangerinereef #coralmorphologic #animalcollective #iyor2018

#tbt To the time I put my alien on the cover of a magazine. Sexy apparel by @asherlevine / Photo by @lovebryan

Head of Medusa by Peter Paul Rubens (1617-1618)

Marry me 😍

Aloha from Hell! 👋🏾

On the street where I get my sandwiches - pretending I live in a John Waters film, snapping pics of all the cars, and shit talkin’ trash dogs. I’m never going back to NY.

Things I Love: This video of Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz from @marcobrambillastudio’s “Cellulloid” series featuring music from Erik Satie’s “Gnossienne No. 4” 😍

That moment when the vet walks in and they realize I lied about going to the park... 😈

I’m obsessed with corpse flowers and just noticed a weird thing I made is somehow the top post under the #corpseflower hashtag. Happy other people like rare, goth, heat emitting, flowers that smell like rotting bodies and attract bugs that feed off dead flesh. #titanarum #amorphophallustitanum 🖤🧟‍♀️⚰️
Also if anyone cares there are new flowers on bloom watch at the SF @conservatoryofflowers, Michigans’s @meijergardens, and Vancouver’s @bloedel_conservatory. The livestreams are kinda fun to watch as they generally bloom late at night. 🤓

Immediately went to the website after seeing this. Best About Me section I’ve ever read in my life. Vagina Guitars gets an A+ for marketing. Please buy Vagina Guitars! (This is not a sponsored ad) #vaginaguitars / vaginaguitars.com
Note: Company actually owns the trademark on the word “Vagina”. 🤯

#tbt To being rejected and abused before bed every goddamn night. 🐶💔

Reading about serial killers with a suspected serial killer and her poisonous snake. Filter for mood. ☠️=🦎🦎🦎🦎

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