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Lisa - Lyme Disease  Courage & Wellness Coach For the chronically ill. Teaching you how to Live WITH Lyme disease 💚 Not Under It 💚 #CourageThenConquer


it's been a rough toddler/mama week around here. thankfully, correct x can come to the rescue!

strength comes from within. #lymedisease

#pots - Read the story about how I discovered I had pots in the link in my bio @abundantlifelisa 💚💚💚

this kiddo is the reason why i do what i do. attending the chronic lyme disease summit this week + excited to learn more to be able to help those i love with #lymedisease
if you're attending too and have questions about anything you hear, shoot me an email! i'm happy to do what i can to educate. lisa@abundantlifeandwellness.org

love seeing our shirts out in the world! #iammore #couragethenconquer

yes, i have #lymedisease but no, i am not taking a antibiotic or pharmaceutical approach to my healing. how@do i manage my symptoms? 100% with essential oils. i'm a mom, business owner and health coach and leading a life that is vastly different than the couch ridden one i used to have years ago. my doctors love and support this decision and my test results show the improvements. to find out more about how these anti oxidant loaded oils can help you with any of your #chronicillness symptoms, feel free to DM me or leave your email address in my comments or inbox and i'll reach out to you! (you can also check my instastory where i share how i use them every day!) #lymedontkillmyvibe #couragethenconquer #iammore #babesia #bartonella #fullmoon #newmoon #herx #lymeandcoinfections #doterra #healthcoach #invisibleillness #pots #dysautonomia

My best advice for walking through the trauma: “Gather the good times together. Keep those pearls around your wrist. Remember the moments where you feel truly, wholly you, if even for a moment.” - Lisa Cipkar @abundantlifelisa 💚 #abundantlifelisa

sometimes it is really hard to stay positive.
like the time my pastor told my father i belonged in a mental institution because i was lying about being sick. (i hadn't seen or talked to him in over a year at the time.) or when yet another doctor told me after months and countless testing that he didn't know what to do with me after all.
when my marriage fell apart because of me being sick.
or just recently, when we were told something was wrong with liam's brain.
when those punches come, you get knocked down.
but sometimes that's a good thing.
it's a call back to the basics, to your foundation, your core.
then you pick yourself up and rebuild.

with concrete instead of sand.
with steel instead of glass.
with ferocity, grit and determination.
if you're ready to rebuild, i'll show you the way. don't wait for the next storm. FREE 30 minute consults are open today! click link in bio or below.

hello + welcome to all of my new followers! i am so glad you're here. i'm lisa but fun fact, that isn't my real name 😉other fun facts:: i'm the oldest of 8, i'm a total bookworm, i'm lefthanded, obsessed with all things health, and i have an epic travel list. life with #lymedisease is still pretty sweet. this summer is going to be amazing 🕶🐠tell me something fun about YOU ❤️

Office Hours Tomorrow starting at 10am EST. Click the link in my bio @abundantlifelisa to schedule a complementary Chronic Wellness Session. Let's chat about how you can tweak a few things and drastically improve your quality of life. - Lisa 💚 #CourageThenConquer

it's the littlest moments that heal the most. #abundantlifelisa #iammore #couragethenconquer #lymedisease

i (and not my silly brother) was featured on @lymelightstories today. head over there to check out my story or click the link in my profile.
#iammore #couragethenconquer #lymedisease

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