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lisa - lyme disease  courage & wellness coach for the chronically ill; teaching you how to live WITH lyme disease πŸ’š not under it πŸ’š #couragethenconquer


every night we come outside barefoot and ground. we laugh, play and say what we are grateful for to end the day on a high note. sometimes he jumps and i watch. i love knowing his #lymph is moving and he is boosting his immune system by cleansing the daily toxins we accumulate from his tiny body. #bartonella has nothing on him!

sweet potato herb + turkey bacon bowl for breakfast. one of the best changes i made to my life was getting rid of the usual sugary breakfast and loading up on protein in the mornings. more energy, less blood sugar swings, boosted immune system. i won't go back! #lymedisease #iammore #couragethenconquer #healthcoach #invisibleillness #chronicillness

it's all in your head- yes, really!

the past year and a half i have been deeply involved in fixing my head- my brain, that is! functional neurology was truly the turning point to my healing. it allowed me to get back to normal life, drive, parent and run my business all on my own. this little known method of treatment is what heals those waking up from a coma, head injured sports players, and those recovering from being paralyzed. the connection to chronic illness? functional neurology teaches your brain how to fire properly- and get rid of the bugs, infections and parasites in it. take back your life!

i'm teaching a two part masterclass all about this topic, how it changed my life, and how it can help YOU with your chronic illness diagnosis. here are the details:: when::wednesday july 19th + wednesday july 26th at 7 pm EST
where:: my conference line, in your home
how to join:: reply to this email!
cost:: $11 for one class/ $19 for both.
i'll be teaching you all kinds of tips and tricks on handling dysautonomia, POTS, neuropathy and more. you'll also learn how to find a functional neurologist + if this type of treatment is one you will benefit from. hear my story and all the ways it's helped me (and my son!) on these two calls.

comment below and let me know if you're with us. i'll send you all the log in info then!

talk to you next wednesday!


family + food = summer.
LIVE your life in spite of it all. it's worth it.

.watermelon + lime EO water = happy, hydrated toddler.
detoxifying, energizing and supports the immune system in fighting back against viral infections. πŸ™ŒπŸ» we love summertime! #essentialoils #doterra #lymedisease

july fourth was way too fun! i am so grateful for opportunities to make memories with my family. as much as being the oldest of 8 was a drag when i was younger, we have way too much fun together now that we are older!

No matter what your goal of health is, my prayer is that you would find hope and encouragement every step of the way in our time together. To my past clients, I am so grateful for each of you. You taught me as much as I hope I taught you. Those of us who have recovered have the opportunity to share with others how we did so, and I take that responsibility very seriously. Living with illness is not something any of us would choose, but it can still be a beautiful life nonetheless.

love + light,


stay present. stay grateful. stay grounded.

it's been a rough toddler/mama week around here. thankfully, correct x can come to the rescue!

strength comes from within. #lymedisease

#pots - Read the story about how I discovered I had pots in the link in my bio @abundantlifelisa πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

this kiddo is the reason why i do what i do. attending the chronic lyme disease summit this week + excited to learn more to be able to help those i love with #lymedisease
if you're attending too and have questions about anything you hear, shoot me an email! i'm happy to do what i can to educate. lisa@abundantlifeandwellness.org

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