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lisa - lyme disease  courage & wellness coach for the chronically ill; teaching you how to heal from lyme, POTS, dysautonomia + more #couragethenconquer #iammore


absolutely love her. these words are my monday fuel ❤️

lovelovelove this photo of liam in one of his happy places. what are you in awe of today? for me, it is all that i already have. the most incredible relationships, the beauty around me, the memories we made this summer. gratitude always.

stay cool friends! we are sad to see summer leaving but looking forward to fall colors and fun. liam says jumping in the leaf piles and i am looking forward to our annual pumpkin patch visit ☺️what is your favorite thing about fall? 🍁🍂

imagination is everything. just like it transported us as kids to magical places + epic adventures, our imagination has the power to help us heal. i have been making a pointed effort to spend time each day sitting quietly and picturing my life as a fully healed individual. it instantly shifts me into a place of gratitude and grounds my anxious mind. do you use visualization and meditation tools? i'd love to hear your experience!

featured over on prohealth.com! my guide to dizziness and how to holistically combat it is up under the #lymedisease section. link in profile to read it for yourself 💛💙let me know of you've tried any of the tips suggested or if i left one out!

the oil that stopped my constant UTIs ans kidney infections +propelled me into the world of holistic health 4 years ago! #essentialoils are a pillar of our #lyme healing protocol and on guard is used aromatically, topically and internally every day around here ❤️

isn't she beautiful? #iammore
link in profile to get yours.

gorgeous friends supporting an amazing cause. thank you shannon for sharing your #iammore story with the world! @shannon_oc get yours and support some very special young kids with lyme disease treatment at the link in my profile. 💛

wanting the best for our families means being intentional about being the best versions of ourselves.
the strongest, healthiest possible versions of ourselves.

think rooting down deep and developing unshakeable foundations that won't let you slip back into illness ever again.
think growing tall and reaching for those dreams and making them your reality.
think extending wide, opening yourself to any and every opportunity for joy, laughter and growth.
think abundance.
think of the example you would be for your loved ones.
think of the tidal wave of GOOD that work would bring for you and those in your world.
30 minutes of free consulting on where you can go + how to become that incredible person again.
i have tons of time this week that i set aside purposely for connecting with all of you.
reach out, ask the questions!
bring health + happiness back into your life again, no matter what your diagnosis.

back when this photo was taken, we had no idea what health battles were about to come our way. but this nugget! he is my best friend + everything his name means. liam- mighty warrior.
grateful for him, his imagination and laughter, and all the healing we've done together. last night i was on the phone with a new client who was concerned about her kids having #lymedisease too. it's daunting! send me an email if you're in that place too and let's figure out what your next steps should be.

this photo was taken 2 years ago after 11 tubes of blood. my caption? "vampires do exist!" two years ago the doctors had labeled me as a 27 year old "in the beginning stages of MS."
they required monthly blood draws to keep track of some concerning kidney function numbers and a few other markers.
they had lots of theories, but no real
solid answers.
i did the trials, i researched what they asked me to, i tracked everything i ate, drank, did, felt, thought.
and guess what?
i proved them wrong.
MS never felt quite right to me. it didn't capture all the loose ends. it didn't resonate at all.
i refused to believe that modern medicine this day and age could give me a diagnosis of MS and still have NO option, therapy or drug that my body could tolerate when i was "young and otherwise healthy." just days after this photo was taken i landed on the theory of lyme disease. i took all my notes, print outs and theories to my neurologist who went, "huh. didn't think of that." fast forward to present day and now... life again.
making memories again.
parenting, sistering, friending again.
being able to cheer on and support those around me is everything.
being able to answer urgent calls with advice that actually helps is important to me.
giving frightened people the answers to their unanswerable questions lights me up.
i refused to stop learning. stop testing. stop exploring.
in the process i got a bigger, better, stronger me in the process.
even with all the physical trials, i wouldn't go back. ever.
you can do it too.
you can help your doctors help you.
you can get to know your body's needs in a way that you can instantly respond to.
you can help yourself heal.
i'll show you how.
for your free consultation call.
stop the suffering.


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