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lisa - lyme expert, CIHC, CHBC  courage & wellness coach for the chronically ill; teaching you how to heal from lyme, POTS, dysautonomia + more #couragethenconquer #iammore


it is enormously cool to see my shirts on others! mike + sheyan are repping our #iammore and #couragethenconquer messages of hope; grab one today + support the funding of treatments for those with #lymedisease today. link in profile!

i always felt like i was living life from the passenger seat when i was growing up. it wasn’t until i became pregnant that i realized i could make choices and feel into the results of those decisions in a way that impacted me in a way that i couldn’t ignore or miss. as i practiced more and more, i was able to get to know myself in a deeper way, a way that become so solid and meaningful that it carried me through the darkest years of my life. and now, all is well. i am different, i am changed, and i am enormously blessed. happy wkend friends. #lifewithlymedisease #holistichealing #soulfulsaturday #deepthoughts #grateful

happiness is... days that feel like spring, singing birds and scooters outside the house, not inside 😏❤️❤️ this kiddo just got his kill dose of herbs and is now burning off all that endotoxin energy! #momneedsanap

love harder. hug tighter. kiss fiercer. these are the moments that fill you up. happy “valen-stines” day from liam + i to all of you wonderful people. we are grateful for each one of you who has been following our journey, supporting our recovery and loving us for who we are. be blessed. #love #valentinesday #lymedisease #recovery #remission

@wellnessmama is totally right.

throwback to this little nugget. working hard today and this background on my computer has me all nostalgic. how do they get so big so fast? anyway, i’m so happy many of you are taking advantage of these discounted sessions! $1 per minute for 1:1 time with me- ask me anything! sometimes i like when cancellations happen bc they leave me opportunities to do things like this 😏

today and tomorrow are booked but i have spots open sunday (one) and monday (two) and then this promo will be done. grab yours asap! these are going fast.
happy wkend loves. 💜💜 #lymeliteratehealthcoach #sale #dysautonomia #lymedisease #pots #lymeandcoinfections #babesia #bartonella #mycoplasma #healthandwellness #getbackup #weekendvibes #letthembelittle #crunchymama

i’ve had some cancellations so i’m taking the opportunity to offer up discounted one time intensives! i don’t do this often- $90/90 minutes of 1:1 time with me on anything you’d like. #brain health, #lymetreatment, anything #chronicillness related. #dysautonomia, #pots, or #thyroid issues? i’m your girl! open spots are for tonight, tomorrow and saturday, EST time zone! DM me for yours! #sale #healthcoach #holisticlifestyle

lately, i’ve found myself paying more and more attention to how i hold myself, my physical body. it has surprised me how often i will sit or work in uncomfortable positions, ones that have me in pain, but i don’t bother to correct it. why not? i’m not sure; but taking care of my body means loving myself enough to check in, adjust where needed, and bringing a higher level of attention to the bones, muscles and tendons that allow me to stand. to the organs, tissues and breath that sustain me. my body is working hard. there is no excuse to cage it in uncomfortable positions in the name of productivity or results. in the same manner, staying within my comfort zone or lackluster thought streams keep me from experiencing pain free life. today i’m not feeling well so it’s the couch for me. priority now is to love all of me- body, heart, soul. #musings

#wellbesswednesday tip:: address the emotions. don’t let them stew inside. journal, work with a counselor, try NET, bowen, #EFT or a similar type of #energy movement. it’s incredibly important to remove any source of trapped “heat” (stress, #inflammation, dis-ease) to make space and let our bodies #heal.

who else is craving spring? be gone winter!

i couldn’t be more excited to announce that i am officially a certified brain health coach from the amen clinics! #brain health is incredibly important in #chronicillness, especially #neurolyme! toxicity, mineral deficiencies, and more all wear down our brains, which directly impacts our ability to heal. few practitioners are addressing this angle— it’s my pleasure to be one of them!

hi! i have had a ton of new followers recently so i wanted to take a minute to say hello! i’m lisa, i love rainy days + hate being cold (which is all the time). my coaching practice is one of greatest joys in life and the stories i hear each day set my heart on fire. lately i’ve been working hard on staying quiet and listening to what my body is telling me. it isn’t easy but it’s a practice i hope to keep cultivating. tell me about you! what made you click the follow button? what do we have in common?

this is what happens when i skip my #celeryjuice in the mornings. i end up needing allll the minerals later on to replenish. 🙄just drink the juice people, it’s way easier— in every way!

most of you know that i am crazy about essential oils + that i use them to help manage my and my son’s #lyme disease. next week i am teaming up with the amazing @thenaturalcupboard and @sherrymcanelly to bring you a class all about how the 3 of us use EOs in our lives with #chronicillness. there’s an ebook of even more info, recipes and tips for each person who attends! comment or DM me your email address to sign up! (yes, there will be a recording for east coasters.) i can’t wait!

not sure what you should be working on in your recovery? i put together a checklist of the 8 most important areas to address in life with chronic illness. want a copy? leave your email address here + i’ll send it to you!

once you’ve read it, i want to hear: what areas surprised you? what are you committed to focusing on in the next couple of days? #lyme #chronicillness #invisibleillness #dysautonomia #heavymetaltoxicity #holisticliving #healingispossible #lymeliteratehealthcoach

after a rough week, he crawled into my bed super early this morning and said, “snuggle me lisa.” famous last words kid. 😂

forever one of my favorite memories. 🖤

ready for a gentle flowing practice this morning after a night being up with my son. #bartonella flares are no fun. time to take care of me! #yogafamily #aloyoga #chronicillness #lymedisease #warriorpose #holisticlifestyle #findwhatfeelsgood #yogawithadriene

living life in color but i’ll never give up my black and white polaroid moments. 🖤🖤 #chiropractor #healthcoachlife #lymedisease #holisticliving #spinalhealth #essentialoils #brainhealth

i have a problem with those practicing medicine in the #chronicillness world -- in my opinion, these practitioners are paying way too much attention to the gut, without addressing the needs of the #brain.

friends, the gut and brain are connected. the gut is called the "second brain." why aren't we working to heal our "first" brain, our actual brain in our protocols?? when the amen clinics called me last year and asked if i would like to partner with them to become their #lymedisease specialist, i was thrilled. so many of my clients have neuro-lyme and not one of them has told me how their practitioners plan to heal their brains, other than to "detox and kill the bugs" up there.
this can't keep happening.
if you are struggling with #depression, #anxiety, #insomnia, hormone imbalances, #PTSD, focus, making decisions, you NEED to add a layer to your treatments- you need to #rehab your brain in the same way you are trying to rehab your body.
working through dr amen's brain health certification course has opened up a whole new world of possibilities to me. 10% of dr amen's cases are people with lyme! i'm on a mission to provide full body, high quality healing to my clients. if you don't get to the root of the #disease, you won't get better. it's that simple.

rant over.

colds, coughs, snot... ick. today’s #wellnesswednesday tip is this: fight mucous with YELLOW! pineapple juice, honey, ginger, turmeric, and bergamot EO all work well to thin mucous, suppress coughs and accelerate healing from winter yuckies. thankful to get out for a bit + curb liam’s cabin fever with a pineapple run, haircut and library visit. of course, our trusty #onguard sanitizing spray came with us too! what do you take to get rid of a #cough or cold?

my monday reminder to myself. i always end up running around trying to get those “little things” crossed off my to do list for the week, but then i end the day stressed. i caught myself around lunch time feeling grumpy and said “not today!” deep breathing first, then a quality lunch and now some needed down time before getting back to work. health first, always!

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