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It's fascinating that everything we see isn't really as it is. It's just how our brains interpret what really is. So what is consciousness really? I don't know how to describe it, but everyone who is conscious knows that they are. I am conscious because I know I am conscious and I am able to perceive and interpret the world around me, but I do not know why. As far as I am aware, there is not a scientific explanation for what consciousness really is. We know what life is, or we think we do, and we can study the hell out of how the brain works- but I will never know why I am seeing out of my own eyes. And to make it even more complicated, our bodies are entirely recycled and made up of new material every 7 years: but are we the same consciousness? I don't know. It's theoretically possible that the universe was created half a second ago and I was created with pre programmed memories. There's no way for you to definitely prove to me that you REALLY exist and aren't just in my head, but I still perceive you as existing, so all I can really do is go on assuming you do. What happens to our consciousness after we die? Who knows! But we know that energy and matter both cannot be destroyed, and I don't know what else could make up my consciousness, so I don't think it's a terrible guess when I say I don't think consciousness can ever really be destroyed. It may however take a very different form, it may be entirely unrecognizable. When we dream, and sleep, we say we are "unconscious", but that isn't quite true. Our brains continue to interpret information and present it to us in one form or another, most commonly dreams. So what's the difference between the "real" world and a dream? Well it's easier to make sense of one, so we label it "real" and say the other can be ignored to make ourselves feel more comfortable. Not that I think what happens in our dreams is particularly important mind you, but I don't see why this one is necessarily important either. Might as well just enjoy ourselves or just pursue whatever meaning seems right to us. What do you all think?

I think the only things any of us can really know with absolute certainty is our feelings- and not necessarily what they are or what they mean, just that they are.
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