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ABSTRAKTE  🇨🇦🇬🇭 Telling original stories untold. @togbegavua @trayneadjei @goddop @weareabstrakte

Define the feet;
burnished bronze, refined in furnace
C'est magnifique
Get it raw, my Minds elite,
It's swine don't eat.
They calling me martian
Why; they don't see me as offspring
They try to alter my carbon
Tried to do it discrete
Never going down in defeat,
But I'm known to get it down in the sheets.
The sun is up, I'm feeling this heat
Feet on the concrete I'm feeling the streets
You should know, melanin is worth more gold,
Behold this is an ode to the once owned

The aura being,
dripped in chain,
Like blood when I'm whipped in vain,
Chain gang, all the same
Heavy rain; from the eyelids,
its just stress
No Family, so no crest.
Used to get whipped; the Mandingo,
Dynasty came from the Dogon,
But you can find me in morocco
The chains you wear is not gold,
These scrolls reveal my royal role.
Striations on my face like varicose.
Was oiled in gold
Just letting all of them know.
The universe listens to the words that I sow,
The universe listens to the words that I spit in it,
What I spit in it is magnificent

Invisible chain unbreakable, though came out of captivity. The Synergy of my mind state; where discerning between present and past is discombobulated and ends in our bloodshed, because we are restrained from truth of self and the world. I carry with me invisible repressed chains that I unconsciously disseminate across generations.

lost in a ‘free world’ unknown,
yet shackled in the mind, while striving through the grind.
Taught to hate and fear everything about me, and my true past. Learned about greed, here’s a new mask. Afraid so I hide from axiom, its like I’m stuck in some sunken place, I need a break from this spiritual plantation.
hide the shackles and the mask, disguised in war paint.
Self we all hate; expressed, in a infinite infantile outcries of self important and worth. Was left with rage in his blood,
was lost in a ‘free world’ unknown

Speaking in a passionate tone; using spiritual technologies to Communicate with the sun. Deep in the bushes, as I am an imperfect diety. I am Royalty Conquering fear, with the knowledge and Evidence of the black God, Soul traveling through time to deliver the prophecy.
I cast my cowrie shells and I predicted the future.
Twist the phonto leaf with the ancient herb, let it burn. They see tradition as a devilish construct,
Creating Mathematical shapes while staring at the sun The pressure creates an Epiphany I realize in that very moment that, I am the Sun. I have always been the Sun and shall always be the Sun .... shinning brightly for the world to cee

Look into my eyes what do you see, can you see my future? 
Do you see me take the blue pill or the red pill?
will I break away from my own emotional and psychological captivity, before society inflict theirs on me?
looking through my window to get a glimpse of my naked mind, do you see; trapped behind a mask forced on by society, exhibited through the programing in which I have been breastfed and have ingested through my lack of self expression, and of emotional knowledge? brainwashed to not feel, as if it is wrong for me to express my disparate layers of emotion? The inception of my emotional brainwashing, which really began when I opened my eyes to our civilization for the first time. In this world Im not expected to achieve, but will strive to.

Emotional Lashes on her back unseen only explored spiritually. She broke free from her bondage by; embracing her courage through valuing and choosing integrity and liberation. The courage she had is what made her pick her self up to search for what had broken her down psychologically and emotionally in the first place. Whilst on this Journey of personal experience with self, She is awake through psychological liberation and is estranged from emotional oppression.

Absent of the Activation of her third Eye, She is still able to use her art to express parts of her inner self, unconcerned with the emotional bondage that is caused by her brainwashing. Look in her eyes you can see her bondage is not physical anymore rather emotional, and the gates of her bondage is locked with the keys of lies, fear, and the self loathing of herself. Her liberation is inevitable; when she is able to take away blame from herself, and be intimate with her fears and suffering through confrontation of self. She is able to find the integrity that lies within.

By confronting the deception and denial that has been allowed in our corrupted system, The Original Woman; Even at her most weakened state, she is able to go through her own journey of liberation, that will free her from the emotional bondage of her oppressor.

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