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An uncontrollable heaviness. // To Write Love On Her Arms (@twloha ) & Make it Okay (makeitokay.org) // There are a lot of days when making art feels remarkably selfish; a lot of days when my main goal is my own self care or a theraputic escape from reality. And I'm not saying those motives are bad or wrong... But there are also days when I want so desperately to be doing something more, something bigger with my life. And I know there will be many different seasons in life that will each afford me different amounts of time and energy... And maybe right now bringing awareness to some awesome organizations through my art, in addition to self care (and feeding my husband), is the best I can do. And I'm okay with that. // #analogcollage #wip

"Open up!" (May 2016) // #analogcollage // First meeting with a new therapist today... Feeling really encouraged about that. Let's go 2018.

Be the change. // #mixedmedia // Kind of different from what I normally do... And I don't know I feel about it...

At least when it rains they can't see your tears // thread + paper // #analogcollage

push & pull // give & take // the ways of the world // #analogcollage @abstractrelationsvi

You know those questions you just can't get out of your head? #analogcollage

jinxed it & feeling blue

Hanging in there // 12x18 // #analogcollage // life update: I took and unintentional, but actually quite wonderful, digital break. Forgot my phone charger at home when we went out of town for Thanksgiving. (Which was lovely. So good to spend time with family.) I always forget how dependent I am on my phone for everything: the time, notes, navigation, my calendar, contacting my friends and family... It was nice to be reminded that I can function without it, that being unplugged is really relaxing. But it is also nice to be back... Do you intentionally unplug? 🔌 Ready for Monday?? 😲

That Girl // 6x9 // backstory: sometimes I make things and they just don't work out... the layout is wrong or the colors are off. this girl was part of a much larger piece about social situations that just didn't go the way I had hoped. cutting her out of it was a good decision, I think. she's happy on her own. // #process #analogcollage

Interconnectedness // 12x9 // thread + paper // #analogcollage

DEFINE: c o n s c i o u s ,
DEFINE: c o l o r , DEFINE: l i f e ... #wip for a scrollable blog post/graphic/experience coming later this week // #digitalcollage

"light blue" // 3x5 // #analogcollage // words are so slippery...

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