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Love this photo of my ma and pa.

My mum is so strong, loyal, giving, fun. She has an amazing relationship with God and certainly a steely strength that has risen up many times and she's been wise enough to let me see it not shield me from the trials life throws but expose me to the anchor of her faith.
I'm so blessed by her and thankful for her and she's the most amazing granny too. I hope I can be like her, I love you mamaaaa......
Also my dad for those of you who prayed, and for those of you I didn't get to tell - last Thursday Dad was diagnosed with a tumour behind his nose between his eyes. Friday they called him into hospital and Sunday morning they operated. They managed to release the pressure on his optic nerves and eyes, and remove part of the tumour meaning his vision has returned and continues to improve. 5 days after brain surgery he was discharged to recover at home. Quite amazing really! The NHS has a lot said about it - but they were beyond superb and my dads quality of life has already greatly improved......thank you for praying we all so appreciated it.
Yes it's been a wild few weeks but heaven is close and that changes the way you view life and view challenges. Both good and bad make us and show us who God is. Someone far wiser said that to me and I've known to to be true......
Love you mum and dad. Thanks for smiling even when it's raining. Looking forward to happy days. Love your favourite 3rd child πŸ˜‰ πŸ“· @samrhooper

My boy. My delight. My gift. My greatest joy. Is now my 4 year old! ....
Happy birthday Jay! You are so special and funny and kind and adventurous and brave and the list goes on. We thank God every day for you. My greatest pleasure is to cheer you on. X

My boy and the bump.
Blessed beyond.

So excited about this coming up in June 1-3rd... Leeds First Direct Arena!
And at midnight tonight the super amazing early bird offer ends so don't delay just BOOK IN! Seriously it's way better than I can convey and would so love for you to be there...
Check out cherishconference.com to see the full line up, more info, the heart behind it and of course to book in! πŸ’ƒπŸΌ

Happy birthday @daveniblock you're the best and I'll always be grateful you were born. I love you always and forever x

So excited about this incredible night coming up THIS SATURDAY! So hope you can come and join us! Kids, family, neighbours, bring the lot!
Free tickets = follow link in bio.

And so it begins! The count down is on...

Thankful for mad hatter family.
@matthewjameshooper love you x

When you turn up for gymnastics an hour early because you haven't changed the clock in your car.....

Didn't intend to watch tv. Just put this on while cooking tea. Pride of Britain awards. I've been in tears for much of the evening.
Completely inspired and moved hearing such incredible stories of Heros in many different settings and spheres.
This hero is a top Dr who every year takes 2 months unpaid leave to go and work and save lives in the worst war torn countries in the world.
And the programs synopsis is so true:
'Because people helping people all over Britain is a good thing for all of us'. I love Great Britain. It's made up of remarkable people. People really are amazing.

Fun times with this scando grew! ( Hence black and white.... seemed only right!) @kattisjente you're the best, I'm loving being here with your amazing team and seeing what God is doing. SO GOOD!
@u_stenstrand @britkrogedal so glad to reconnect with you again. Always love your company !!

Always be yourself unless....

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