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Bad camera great friends. Lotta love for this lot.
Happy birthday Fi!

Looking pretty happy for someone who grew some teeth on the weekend! 😳
#sonnyboy #sonnydavid #sonnydays

I love him so much.
Doing great at school, making new friends, asking me deep theological questions constantly 😳( like fo real !) always so kind to his brother and has so much compassion.
Of course there moments where I forget all of the above! But every night when I go into his room to pray for him as he sleeps I always thank God I'm trusted to be his mum.
My boy happy victory by name and nature.

Bringing me sunshine everyday x


Cried bucket loads , and so did we all saying bye to these people. Everyone says ' happy sad' nope I was just selfishly sad. Years of adventures challenges trials hilarity, kids born, dreams birthed , ideas flourished and failed, wardrobes raided , meals cooked, laughs had.
We will miss you so so much. I've loved serving God with you, and now we will continue to do that just with an ocean in between us. @jolesur @andrelesur our kids have become siblings, our families will always be connected, more history than we should ever share publicly. Enjoy Canada, praying and loving you every step of the way. Love you always and forever and now I'm crying again 😭

And just like that off he goes.

Someone once told me having a child is like having your heart walk outside of your chest. Today that rang true. Love this boy so much feel so humbled to be his mum and as he steps foot into his new school with expectation and excitement ( just what we want for our kids) I did have a little tear.

We spend our time telling our kids to be excited to look forward to adventures and to embrace new things, then when they do we want to hold them even closer! But I resisted and smiled and gave him several winks as he walked into a new classroom and a new adventure.

A great friend text me this last night, it blessed me so much, maybe it will bless you too :
Isiah 54 11-17
All your children will have God for their teacher— what a mentor for your children!
You’ll be built solid, grounded in righteousness, far from any trouble—nothing to fear! far from terror—it won’t even come close!
If anyone attacks you, don’t for a moment suppose that I sent them,
And if any should attack, nothing will come of it.

The girl holding the boy has been one of my secret weapons this week. Helping in multiple ways and loving on my boy like an absolute gem.
So thankful to you @eviemayb for your help and love and calm nature in the midst of the mess mayhem and mission.
Thank you to everyone else too who helped take care of my young people so I could help take care of someone else's. It's meant more than anything that my boys have a blast and they really have.
It takes a village right!!

I don't really fully understand this last week.
Suffice to say it was good, very good, incredibly humbling and for sure exciting.
Jesus says draw near to him and he will draw near to you. I have been in the midst of, witnesses and experienced this promise manifest to become reality.

Hundreds experienced break through , salvation, freedom and healing. Many started to articulate calling and purpose.
Jesus was worshiped with authenticity and desperation in equal measure.

I'm so grateful , thankful - tired yes, but mainly just feel a bit shell shocked all over again.
Thank you to all who came - go forth and live this out.
Thank you to all who served, took time off work sorted childcare out and just made this possible, true heros.
Thank you @petertoggs @lauratoggs for spending more than a week of your 52 weeks of 2017 with us. So thankful our worlds collided.
Thankful for a church who encourage these kind of antics and many more not pictures 😉 @stevegambill @charlgambill We promise to clean up !! But so thankful you encourage believe and facilitate this move of God.

What an amazing team I get to do life with , just wow.

But mainly thank you Jesus that in the chaos and the calm you are there and you draw near. I really believe these are extraordinary days we live in and oh .... so much fun.
Sleep well one and all. X

I see you rollin.....at 8 weeks old?! Whaaat?? So we made him do it again... and again....
#whereshissock #howsostrong #sonnysummerboy

Socks are for life not just for Christmas...
Grab some today if you can and see you for the greatest socklection ever next week 🙌🏽

Always a special night, gathering the RN youth leaders to get away and pray , focus and worship Jesus ahead of RN conference.
Tonight was special . Framed beautifully by the sign of a faithful God who always keeps his promises... So hope you can come, honestly believe it will be something very special.
#Godofmiracles #doitagain #dreamteam #yeswearechristians #ontopofahill #stoodonarock #singinghereiamtoworship #everychristianstereotyperightthere #andthenthagrainbowmoment #seriouslythoitwasbeautiful #socksandsandelsnext ✌🏼 📷= @tomlancaster

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