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Abrye Gene  🍊Floridian • 🐨 Faux'strayan • livin in 🗽NYC

@dybrkr kicking Wednesday off the best way imaginable with 6am yoga followed by 7am dance party! ⚡️Thanks for the stellar vibes and radical positivity this morning. 🌈🙏🏽 #DAYBREAKER

True affection. ❤️

Seattle/Sydney Sweetheart, @flooziemagoo was in NYC for the weekend and all of the fun was had! Cheers to the Suzapalooza! 🌈💖

We did a lot of horsing around this weekend. 🏇🏽

Tourist vibes with @flooziemagoo.

Me and my girls are going out tonight. ⚡️🌈🌠 @flooziemagoo / @drewmaniscalco

House of Yaaaaaas

As if I needed a reason to come back and capture the last light from my new favorite place. 🏝

Once the air goes balmy and the days turn long, landlocked mermaids start growing their fins and their spirit back. 💫🐬

This paradise is an hour away on a bike. 🚲⚡️Get to peddling, will ya?!

It hit 90 degrees today so when court wrapped I biked my happy ass to the nearest beach. And it was good.

When you find someone who's down to go to that thing in the middle of BFE with GKW for the sake of a 'Tuesday moment', foooooor the kiiiiiiids. 💫

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