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Abriel Blanca  Say "Cheese!"

Patiently waiting for the music to make your entrance

I hate when people think I’d drop everything I’m doing just to shoot them. I’d shoot them, but probably not with a camera. #LOLJk

Actually felt like I was in China

First they steal ya heart, then they ya clothes

Howdy do, this is Peter McCallister, the father. I’d like a hotel room please. With an extra large bed, a TV, and one of those little refrigerators you have to open with a key. #CreditCardYouGotIt

I can’t think of anything witty to caption this

“Listening” to people’s stories today at work

Orange & Teal series

lovely day for a walk

Might get into a National Geographic type photography because I caught not one, but two “Baysec Betches” in their natural habitats!

Parks and Recreation

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