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Inbox me for your next Cut🔥✂️
Transformed my boy @aaron.kirby17 first time checking me & last time going anywhere else.
That's the service we provide☄☄

The Transformation is real yanar😷✂️
u can just see how much heart I put into what I do♥️☄
If it ain't heart then I don't know what it is. Love to @didisambu for checking me every couple weeks, I know u a busy guy but love for checking me when u can b ☄☄

My guy @_ceazarr_ came through for the waviest trim🌊🌊🌊
Inbox me for yours today👌🏾☄ #barber_soul #barbershopconnect #waves #wave #360waves #stayhumble #stayblessed #cleancut #barbersworld #like4like #follow4follow

Gentleman cuts😷✂️
It's crazy because ever since I've left the last shop like 8months back this guy has been looking for me ever since!! He finally got hold of me and im so grateful to continue giving the "best" service Bedford has to offer. Remember it's not just the haircut we offer. ☄🏆
#stayblessed #stayhumble #client #barbershopconnect #barber #barber_soul

@riansmeaton experienced the Change!!! Inbox for the treatment 😷🔥

Wavey progressions with @blackkermit_
Stay Shining G ☄👊🏽

The trim left a brother HUMBLE☄☄☄ Follow my guy, Man like @mudiwa.jani trecked it all the way from uni for the finest🔥✂️ Inbox for dates and times👊🏽👌🏾

Wanna shout out my Guy @mutsahendrix for coming through with a change☄👌🏾
Inbox me for times and dates, catch me mon-sun 🔜✂️

Looooowe me. The transformation is real yanar😮😷
No Photoshop no edit.
This is really @tanatswa_kc1 checking me for the weekly creme dela creme!!!
My people be winning 🏆✔ Inbox me and be one of those people I transform today☄✂️

Inbox me for Bedford sauciest cuts🔥✂️
Limited spaces every week,
As much as I would love to cut all of Bedford, there's always limited spaces.
Shout me though for a chance to get booked in for the next trim👊🏽☄
This one here's for my day one @mamir.__ always keeping it the sauciest🏆✂️

Where u finding midtapers nowadays??
I only ever hear about low tapers!! My boy @louey.browne will show where to catch me everyday from Monday to Sunday👌🏾👊🏽
That's why he believes in his barber.
Shout me today for your transformation ☄☄

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