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🎀 Let them see you, in me!🎀 No matter who you are, where you are, whether your believe it or not, you are a child of God. We are only on this earth temporarily and we are waiting for our forever home up with Jesus.
A lot of times it can be super hard to bring up faith into a conversation in school, clubs, sports, anywhere; other times it comes natutally. I remember being a little second grader and leading my lunch table in a salvation prayer. But I also remember being a 7th grader and not acting how God wanted me too. Saying I was a Christian and believing strongly in God, but I was a follower, not just of Jesus, but my peers. I cared what everyone thought of me, and just wanted to fit in. Now, I'm a ninth grader dying for God to give me an opportunity to show his love to other people. And I got to tell you it is such a better way of living with your feet planted strongly in the roots of God and having the stream of the devil flow past you than drowning and swimming against the current of the waves. It will make you so much happier. I promise.
I'm not going to lie, bringing up Jesus into a conversation with your friends can sometimes be harder than saying something to someone you don't know. But just trust God and he will give you the courage ☺ 🎀 Have a wonderful day lovelies🎀

🎀Let's be honest here🎀 Being a teenager today is horribly difficult. ~money
~self hatred
~mixed messages
The list goes on and on.
I'm not going to deny that no matter what it's going to be hard, but through God, you don't have to face all of this alone. We all have someone to come to when we are weary, and to lay our burdens down to God and say, I can't deal with this by myslef, I need you. Jesus has the capability to get us through any situation no matter how serious, we just have to let him.

This is my favorite verse and it gets me through some of the toughest times! I just started this account and I'll be posting verses, quotes, challenges, testimonies and other things as I think of them. I just want to get out there right now so I can change people's lives so they can look on their phone and be inspired to get through the day. Leave any suggestions below!

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