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Brooke [Carstensen] Ottman  Jesus lover. Wife. Adventurer. Nurse. Oregonian. Pit/Rottie mama. Food. Travel. Mountains.

Don't know why people can't tell us apart at work. #worktwins #watermelon #wheresourothertwinnicole

When your dad one-ups you on being cool and fun and sends you a pic from the US Open. #happyfathersdayweekend

Three months ago she was in a delerium on a trauma unit with severe brain injury and doctors pretty much told her family not to hold their breath over her ever being "normal" and possibly even regaining full consciousness again... Well today we had not just a normal day but an EXTRAORDINARY day hiking Dog Mt. at the perfect time to see all the gorgeous wild flowers. Words can't describe the joy to have my dearest Brook all to myself today. God is good.

Ran away to the woods for some last minute camping this weekend and now we're so refreshed!! #campfirepopcorn #letsgoback

Excited to take this kids on their first camping trip this weekend!!! #furbabies #rottiemama #staffymama

Sophie is the sweetest, most tender hearted dog. Best snuggles to wake up to. #rottiesofinstagram #rottiekins #sophersnuggles

Got to hang out with several incredible ladies (and one wee baby boy) today, Payton being the wee-est lady. The resilience and tenderness of women and mamas never ceases to amaze me. 5.22.17 #girlfrans

If I had time to write an ode to my cast iron I would. For now I shall just thank it for never failing me. Pseudo crustless mexican quiche thingamabob for breakfast this am. #fortheloveoffood #eatrealfoodathome

Truely deeply madly, this one.

I will wear my double chin I earned on our trip proudly..... for one more day. Because we be hittin dat gym hard tomorrow. #wearitproudly👑 #eattheyummything #dublin #sconesandclottedcream #stilldontknowwhatclottedcreamreallyis

Return of the babyface. #lemmesmoochya

Oxford is enchanting in every way. Buildings that are several hundred years old, markets, antique shops, book stores, idealic coffee shops, and perfectly dressed students off to change the world.

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