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Abby Mumma  I appreciate a man in soccer player pants.

Baby shower β€”> Golf stuff β€”> Chinese takeout

I'm married and am as happy as can be.
#shoesofprey #lovelybride @louvienne

Guys. I'm getting married.

It took us almost 5 months to find a home here in Chicago, but we finally found it. Now let's soak up this nice weather before we have to hibernate for another 10 months πŸ˜’

Michelle- You are one of the most strong, caring and inspiring women I know. Through you, I've been able to experience some pretty amazing things and I'm forever grateful for your patience and general sense of adventure. I can't wait to celebrate your birthday in two short weeks. Get ready, Chicago is waiting for you!! @michmich143 β€οΈπŸ‘―

Sometimes I have a moment where I freak out and ask myself, did I make the right choice to move all the way to Chicago?
Then I join my new Neato team at a spin class instructed by one of our coworkers and I think, yeah this was the toughest but best decision I've made. And I'm referring to both going to a spin class and deciding to move to Chicago.

Jeff once said, "Oh I've lived outside of Southern California before. Remember I went to school in Santa Barbara?" Well, let the official one month countdown begin until you ACTUALLY move out of SoCal and finally move to Chicago. I'm gonna insert a real quick lie and say that it'll be warm and sunny when you get here. 🌡🌞

This was not nearly as dramatic as that TLC show. I should've brought more difficult people with me @mtm2803 @mummzimm @ramonaquimbyy

Waiting for the twins to arrive in the hallway. But until then, I'll enjoy my prosecco in my whisper chair. @ramonaquimbyy @mummzimm @mtm2803

When you get food poisoning the night before, but you're in Austin and gotta try the BBQ. And then you almost barf posting this hours later...I've made a huge mistake #nope

Happy Valentine's Day to my lady loves. Thanks again for the best last Sunday Funday in Venice. I think about it everyday here in Antarct- er I mean Chicago.

This right here is Evelyn Grace. AKA the 🍎 of my eye. She does this amazing little thing where she grabs your face with both hands, looks you in the eyes, smiles, and then buries her head in your neck. It's the most amazing experience.

Happy 6 months, little lady. You're already one hell of a woman ❀️

It's funny because I'm supposed to move to Chicago tomorrow. I'll keep you posted... @ashleyspadaro11 @sallysbranch

2017: I'm gonna get married and *fingers crossed* not get pregnant. Cheers!! πŸ“Έ @karakookamunga

No caption needed for this one. @claudiastiles #jeffandabbysawesomeadventure

When your ladies are in Ballard and you casually tell them your old address, not really thinking they'll actually swing by. @michmich143 @raggygee What did I do to deserve you??!! πŸ‘―β€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸ» #worldsgreatest

Hands down the most incredible drink experience. Our night concluded with a surprise ship in a bottle concoction and a pirate joke. Apparently a pirate's favorite letter is "THE SEA". @sarabethmurray @mikepoz

If wedding venue shopping ends in a San Diego double IPA, well then make me a damn wedding planner. #forthewin

Trust me, I am a witch. πŸ“· @whateverrr_layonnn #happyhalloween #witchnotbitch

This is just ridiculous- I have to start getting my hair done on the reg, figure out how the heck one goes about "making your skin glow" AND get biweekly manicures? AND WHAT IS THIS "MAKEUP PLAN"?? #sendhelp #beerme

At first I was like: this the best idea ever! And then I was like: this sucks, I'm over hiking! And then I saw this. #neature

I may have started my day severely hungover and barfing, but that, my friends, is a rainbow. AND it's raining.
Today was a good day. #socalfall #whatdrought

Even in his wedding garb, Kook still maintains his perfect surfer stance. Congrats, G+A! #thehurts910

What's Mr. Jeffrey doing up there on the Cardiff Kook? #cardiffbythesea #justwait

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