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Quirky Greeting Cards & Gifts.  Cards & gifts made in Melb, AU. We ❤️ cats, food & TV. Anna + Gareth + Annabel 👩🏻‍💼👨🏻‍💻👩‍💼 Masterchef Australia Recaps On The Blog:

How to tell the cat lover in your life that you love them. 😻😻

My brain is 100% cats, cats, cats at the moment. I’ve almost finished the cat book I’m illustrating. It’s so hardcore cat lover, I can’t wait to share it, it’s release date of December feels a long way off.

Our recap of last night’s Masterchef episode is on the blog (link in profile).

TBT: A ‘70s shot my Mum took of a childhood cat called Bonnie. We had another cat called Clydie. Yes, our child is named after a pet cat from the early ‘80s 😂😂

Our Masterchef recap is up on the blog: link in profile. Last night the judges were left hungry after trying a dish. Is this the biggest crime in Masterchef after overbooked protein and no crunchy element? #masterchefau #masterchefaus #masterchefaustralia #recaps

Do you do a side mouth fork entry or a middle of the mouth fork entry? George demonstrates the side entry and Gary is totally middle of the road with his fork usage.
Our Masterchef recap for Thursday night’s elimination episode is on the blog, link in profile. #masterchefau #masterchefaustralia #recaps #forks

Weekend plans! We are at @therosestmarket this weekend. Come by and chat to me about my favourite topics; cats and Masterchef. If you want a sneak peek at my cat book I’ll be drawing illustrations for it while selling greeting cards. Multitasking!

New card, inspired by Masterchef. What is a whacker doodle? In this context it’s a Prawn Kiev. #masterchefau #greetingcards #illustration #wackerdoodle

Our next to Masterchef Recaps are on our blog.
If you’re watching the show the recaps feature silly illustrations and silly commentary on what is going on. On Tuesday night’s episode Loki applauded half a dozen eggs and it was a beautiful TV moment for the eggs.
Fun fact: since I mentioned both microwaves and sous vide machines in the first Masterchef Australia blog post ads for sous vide machines are appearing in my Instagram feed. No ads for microwaves are yet to appear. #masterchefau #masterchefaustralia #eggs #illustration #tvrecaps

We are drawing Masterchef Australia again this year. You can read our recaps for Sunday and Monday’s episodes on the blog, link in profile. Sunday night’s episode contains multiple food on mouth moments *and* we have designed a new greeting card based on the episode that you can purchase. Yes, that’s right, Masterchef inspired cards. 😂🍟😂🍗😂🍣

Large white cat sitting on a couch eating crisps and drinking beer. High brow art to decorate your home. 🎩

Two little muffins in matching mustard jumpers my Mum knitted for them. Fun fact: Doug’s was Clyde’s from last year but it ended up in the wash and shrunk so Mum knitted another one for Clyde. These are going to make winter bearable. Happy Mother’s Day!

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