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Able And Game: Cards & Gifts.  🇦🇺Cards & gifts made in Melb, AU. We ❤️ cats, food & TV. Anna + Gareth + Annabel 👩🏻‍💼👨🏻‍💻👩‍💼 Visit us @therosestmarket every Sat+Sun in Melb.

For cool cats in love. 😻

Book I’d happily buy: a collection of signs from communal office kitchens. If you’ve got some good ones please feel free to photograph them and DM them my way. 😘

With the next few weeks being a flurry of excitement with markets I’ve limited the amount of custom illustrations I can do. We will open them back up in early December, but for the next two weeks we have very limited spots, so if you’re wanting one you’ll need to order asap.

Market season is approaching and we have three big markets coming up including @bigdesignmarket in a few weeks. Annabel and Gareth will be running the show while I’m up in Sydney for Finders Keepers. We will have copies of I Touched A Cat And I Liked It, plus kitty calendars, kitty diary and the Melbourne Station Calendars as well as all the other usual bits and bobs. We can’t wait, this market is one of our all time favourites.

If you can’t build a bed under your desk at least let coworkers know you thoughts on naps.

I’m glad that one of my life skills is drawing people holding their cats.😻😻

Party pool noodle still drinks jagerbombs and yells woot woot when you heat up the party pies at 1.30am.

In a few weeks I Touched A Cat And I Liked It will be hitting the shops and I’m feeling a mixture of excitement, fear and anticipation. I’m good at excitement, but I don’t do anticipation that well so I’m hoping the next few weeks rush by. Thank you to everyone who has preordered. We will be shipping them out in a few weeks and I’ll be adding some extras to say thank you. If you are wanting to preorder the link is in our profile. 😻😻

All set to go on Shark Tank and get some seed funding for my new venture. 💰💅🏻💼

When I went to art school we learned all about an important subject in art through the ages. The worming tablet. 😸

Hands up if you’re a member of caffeinated cat club.

@therosestmarket is on again this weekend and Gareth will be there with the brand spanking new 2019 Kitty Diary, 2019 Kitty Calendars and a bunch of new art prints.

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