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Able Ground  Curated Crystal Collections by Vanessa Knight ablegroundstudio[at]gmail Next Collection Release: 8/27 at 7pm EST Brooklyn, NY

The shop has reopened after a three week break and this Aquamarine huffed by an Albite 🐨 is still available!

The shop is reopening tomorrow at noon!!🎉 I’m so happy to be getting back to “work”🤗

I’m not nearly unpacked but the shop is re-opening on Wednesday! Yahoooo. My identity has been so tied up with Able Ground the past three years, it was weird having the shop closed for the past three weeks and not geeking out with you all over the beauty of the mineral world. Let’s get back at it ❤️ {Quartz with thousands of strands of gold rutile}

Just something to get lost in on a chill Sunday.... {Quartz & Fluorite}

Squint your eyes... what do you see? 😊

How does Aquamarine make you feel?

I’m heading out hunting for new crystals in about a month and I’m getting excited! What are you wanting to see in the shop for the “holiday season”?

So has anyone stepped up since Nia Wilson’s murder and initiated hard conversations with friends and family regarding racism and white supremacy? How’s it been going? Especially my fellow Jews and white/passing people. I had an emotional conversation with two friends who really pushed back and told me I was being divisive and that we all should just individually try to be good people. I was really able to hold my own in the conversation (something hard for me because I’m a very slow processor) and at the end of the convo they told me that every time we talk about racism in the US, they think about it a lot in the following days. It’s, like, little progress but still some progress. And my mother told me that after a recent conversation we had together she realized that racism had been a part of an exchange she had had earlier that week. These conversations are very challenging and often emotional and messy, but I’m sticking to it. If you’ve gotten this far in the caption and are just starting your anti-racism work, I’d like to recommend the best-selling book So You Want To Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo. ❤️

A “perfect circle.” Wishing you all that you need this week.

I think we all need to work some energy out of our bodies after this week. Or at least I do! What’s your favorite way to get into your body and release energy? Xx, V

I love you and believe in you 😘 [pyrite and quartz. nfs]

My loves. I’m reiterating my thoughts from yesterday’s post and encouraging everyone to have hard conversations. We (white people who believe in equality, myself included) need to toughen up! We need to initiate difficult conversations with our friends and family and coworkers surrounding issues of white supremacy in this country and the world. We need to be ok with being called out if we have said or done something wrong and not run away, but listen and say we will do better next time! Our silence kills. Our silence is complicit. Our silence... is it really any less harmful than the actions of Unite The Right and these Proud Boys or whatever they call themselves in Oakland last night? If they do it, and we stay silent about it - are we any better? Please join me in toughening the f up in the name of Love. If you find that you don’t have enough information to have effective conversations about racism and white supremacy, then please start reading. If you tried talking to a friend or family member about racism and it went horribly, please try again. Many of them won’t go well. I’m floundering my way through this too. I’m fucking up and getting up and trying again and I know you can do it too. If you believe in humanity, YOU ARE NEEDED. Thank you to all who have been doing the work the past 20 years while I have been oblivious, who have educated me over the past three years, who continue to challenge me, who join me in learning and who are going to start doing anti-racism work tomorrow. And a special thank you to @wildmysticwoman who has held space for me to shine a light on my own racism, my own silence and denial and the ways in which I personally uphold white supremacy.

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