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Able Ground  Curated Crystal Collections by Vanessa Knight ablegroundstudio[at]gmail Next Collection Release: 4/26 at 7pm EST Brooklyn, NY

LA folks! My friend Sherise Lee from @theradder is teaching an incredible class this Saturday at @spirithousecollective called Many Paths To Stones and Minerals which is going to be unique and amazing because it is based in her life-long fascination in mysticism and study of spiritual beliefs and her understanding of Classical Chinese medicine and that the root of Classical Chinese medicine is actually stones and minerals and so much of what is taught today about crystals is actually derived from these ancient Chinese teachings! When she told me about the class I was like, “is it online?” But alas! It’s in LA and I’ll have to hear about it from those of you who head over to the link in her profile to sign up! 🌈

Hello wonderful people! I’ve been taking some time away from social media the past week as I’ve been in the throes of buying and selling apartments. (Eeeep!) Things are about to be really busy on my end and I’m trying to figure out how Able Ground is going to continue to operate smoothly as I undergo this big transition 🕺🏻 I will say this though! The next release will be on 4/26 at 7pm EST and it’s going to be an extraordinary collection 🎉 as I’ll be releasing some very special pieces that I’ve been fortunate enough to call my own the past few years and lots of other incredible pieces that will make moving easier. Please stay tuned! It’s going to be EPIC. {image is the selenite caves in Mexico. From Pinterest}

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Spring is finally in the air here in NYC 🌸 And as a matter of Sunday miracles, this pink Himalayan Quartz with green chlorite phantom formations just came back into the shop! Click through on my profile to check it out, as well as two pages of new mineral magic ✨✨

Okaaaay, see you all in roughly one hour on the .com! I’ve been working my tuchas off and just tallied up all the minerals in tonight’s collection and there will be over 80! ✨80 earth sculptures filled with sacred geometry and mineral magic! Please be mindful that there is no cart reserve system on my website (much like Etsy -and other big websites that sell one of a kind), so you may want to refresh your cart before checking out. It’s also helpful to be logged into PayPal already, so that when you press the “pay with PayPal” button, you’re just a few clicks away from completing checkout. And lastly, as always, you can place multiple orders! I’ll just combine them (if possible) and refund you any difference. Collection releases may take a lot of work, but they are such JOYS for me because I get to see so many of you match up with beautiful crystals! Seriously, that in and of itself is such a gift to me :)) “See” you all tonight at 7pm EST! #ablegroundcollection

SO MUCH sacred geometry coming to the shop tonight at 7pm EST! Plus! Two opals, two itty bitty pieces of Quartz from Mount Meru and about 65 other pieces! I’ll be hopping on stories at around 4pm to upload some previews with pricing, so check back then! #fluorite

Honestly, there isn’t a single labradorite specimen that I’m not completely entranced with. This stone has all the magic vibes and forever has my heart. Anyone else love labradorite? Raise your hands!

Magic mountains and secret treasures. All will be revealed on Thursday at 7pm EST....

I’m so into the sculptural quality of this Quartz piece from China. The long thin formations radiate out and up like beams supporting other growths 🙌🏼 This and so much more coming to you all on Thursday 4/5 at 7pm EST!

Big things coming... 4/5 at 7pm EST!

My personal collection! (Minus a few bigger pieces and the specimens cropped out of the frame) I was doing some cleaning the other day and decided to take that time to gather my collection to show you. Feel free to ask me what something is! (Mint green cluster in the top right corner is a lab grown piece of Phosphate Niahite from a sweet man in Poland) #ablegroundcollection

I’m having one of those weeks where I can’t remember what day it is and so I remind myself it’s Wednesday and then, two hours later, I can’t remember what day it is again 😂 Anyone else feeling this way too? I don’t mind it though honestly. I’ve got a lot of balls in the air and doing a lot of deep diving and understanding in my life, so there’s a lot of transformative and positive energy swimming around me. It’s all good energy and I wouldn’t want it to change, but I think I gotta go get some exercise or something so I can settle down a bit! What do you do when you’re feeling this way? PS - can you find the face??

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