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Able Ground  Curated Crystal Collections by Vanessa Knight Est. 2013 ablegroundstudio[at]gmail Next New Collection: 11/23 at 12pm EST Brooklyn, NY

Sending love to everyone whose heart is breaking over the fires in California. Sending love to those in my community in Brooklyn reeling from a racially motivated stabbing at the Church Avenue stop. Sending love to any and all who are living in fear and heart break and injustice. Sometimes it feels like there is so much devastation going on it’s easier for me to just ignore it (on here) and post a picture of a pretty crystal with a short caption. But the weight of our collective pain bears down on me too and although words don’t begin to do it any justice, I just want to say that I feel you and I love you ❤️

Able Ground is closing out this year with a ✨💎✨ The next collection on Friday 11/23 at 12pm EST will be 140 pieces BIG and will have so many of the specimens I’ve been holding back to surprise you with at the end of the year! Like this amazing Spirit Jasper specimen with little sparkly pink druzy pockets 😍 Plus tonnnnns if stuff for presents at the $25-60 mark. I’ll be releasing three more collections before the holidays - 11/23, 12/3 and 12/13 so keep an eye out will ya? 😘

Been waiting *months* to unveil this beauty to all of you. An incredible Apophylite on pink chalcedony with pink stilbite specimen that sparkles as much as it shines. It’ll be released in the next collection, the BIGGEST collection ever, and the third to last holiday collection on Black Friday 11/23 at 12pm EST. Srsly, SO many amazing crystals and minerals will be coming to you on 11/23 - the majority of it at the $40-60 mark but also a few baller pieces that I’ve been sitting on all year that I’ll be revealing on here in the coming days. Eeeeep! #nov23collection #comingsoon

Weekday landscapes #nov23collection #comingsoon {Chrysocolla & Malachite}

Holiday prep! 🎁 And I feel like a kid who just took out all their toys and, what, now I’m supposed to clean up and put them away???

Current mood....

Anyone out there have a sneaking suspicion that they actually might not make it to the polls today? Well guess what? Your vote - yessss, your single individual vote - matters. Report after report shows that what could have the biggest impact on this election is unexpected voter turnout. And that means YOU. Also, if you didn’t vote in the last presidential election and have been walking around in shame since, now is the time to redeem yourself! And lastly, so many polling sites have bake sales outside the polling stations so there’s always the prospect of cookies.... Please go vote. Literally lives depend on it. ❤️

See you all online (in the shop) in ten minutes! Can’t wait for you to see this latest collection. Please remember that a piece is only yours once you’ve *completed* the checkout process. To ensure a faster checkout process, it’s best to already be signed in to PayPal so you can just do one or two clicks. And, as always, feel free to place multiple orders - I combine what I can and refund you any shipping overages. And can I get a what what for my favorite quartz point with this yello & orange wisp in the center?? Much Love! Xx, Vanessa

Have I mentioned yet that probably about 70% of tonight’s collection will be $80 and under? Yep! That’s right. The next three collections will be filled with crystals you can gift for the holidays! Have I also mentioned yet that the river of white running through this Quartz is OPAL?! 🙀 See you all tonight at 7pm EST ❤️💕 #nov5collection

Really digging (get it? get it?) this piece of Pink Himalayan Quartz that will be heading to the site tomorrow at 7pm EST! Did you know that the pink color comes from an inclusion of hematite in the quartz? Some people call it Hematoid Quartz. You can see more of it in my stories tomorrow when I’ll be hopping on to preview pieces 🙌 #nov5collection

Some Sunday morning magic from my home to yours ✨ #nov5collection

Some Saturday night ✨GLAM✨ #nov5collection {{Pyrite & Quartz}}

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