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Abraham Joseph  @Soulection Curator of #FLVRS (@hellaflvrs) abjo@soulection.com

Again, shoutout to the gawd @phontigallo for setting my production ablaze on two tracks for his phenomenal album, #NoNewsIsGoodNews!

Now, according to Tigallo, I believe this was the last track added in the mix as well as the last track of the project, and I absolutely was not expecting him to use it, let alone sing AND spit some of the hardest bars I’ve heard from him period. This one might actually be my favorite on the album, but it’s hard to top a @freddiegibbs feature next to the gawd Phonte himself! I’m proud of both tracks, but this one reminds me that my work isn’t just left field, experimental, or abstract, it’s intrinsically soulful, and I’m always tryna get you feel something euphoric when you listen to my music 🎶...


Cape Town got the exclusive first listen, next: the whole rest of the world. Dropping on a SoundCloud stream near you 🌊🔊... /// cover by @tealideal #thisisamerica #capetownsouthafrica #theartofrefixing

Look at this girl.

Looking like a straight SNACK.

That’s my girl, and today is her birthday, and I’m more in love with her, more proud of her, and far more infatuated with her than ever before. You are my light, my love, my sweet, beautiful, elegant, bouncy, rambunctious little Thai T 🌺... /// #happybirthday #Tealideal

Back from South Africa doin’ a victory lap set in the Bay tonight at @f8sf for @xtraluv.us! RSVP and come through, boutta play hella unreleased edits and remixes, let’s gooooooo 🚨🔊... /// #xtraluv #f8sf

Finally here, ready as hell to rock tomorrow! Hotel Soulection is in full effect, if you’re attending @rockingthedaisies, I highly advise making us your #1 stop 🛑🔊🛑🔊... /// #rockingthedaisies2018 #SOULECTION

Live from an airport in Amsterdam, Travis Scott, flipped and refixed by yours truly. Hit my SoundCloud now for the droppage... 🙃 /// #astroworld #theartofrefixing

Yet another adventure to a new place I haven’t been to before, to give my all on stage again for 60 minutes straight, to give a deserving crowd the party of a lifetime, to write another one off the list of incredible things my labor of love has afforded me. Thank the universe, thank God, peace and power from the most high to us all. See you in a couple days, Cape Town... ✊🏽🤙🏽🇿🇦 /// #rockingthedaisies2018 #rtd2018 #SOULECTION

On my way tomorrow to celebrate with my @Soulection fam in Cape Town, my first time ever in Africa, and I am beyond hyped. Playing the best set of my life this week, guaranteed 👌🏽✊🏽... /// #SOULECTION #rockingthedaisies2018

Landing in the Bay Area for the weekend momentarily, and I’ve just decided I’ma just go ahead and bogart (that means steal or take over in the White Man’s English) a set at Candy Rain tonight while I patiently await my first ever trip and performance in Cape Town, South Africa 🇿🇦 for @rockingthedaisies. Do me (and yourselves) a favor, hit @thecandyrain for the RSVP and come out tonight, and I promise to do the one thing I never, ever in life do: take a song request. ONE request. And it has to be Uproar by Lil Wayne. Or Big Bank. That’s it. You’re welcome, Bay Area... /// #candyrainsf #f8sf

Way too ready to be in South Africa 🇿🇦 next week for @rockingthedaisies, with the most @soulection fam in one place at a time, probably ever, very obviously one for the books 📖 ... /// #SOULECTION #rockingthedaisies2018

Started off all my sets right, started off all of our nights out right, started out this tour all right... Thanks to Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver for a great three nights back to back, love to the squad @sashamvrie @andrepower @dapdabeatx & @vzmaestro, much love to @commonwealthyyc, @fortunesound & @thechvrchofjohn for the hospitality, and thank you, the supporters and fam out there for continually vibrating with @soulection 🙏🏽✊🏽... /// #soulectionnorthamericantour #SOULECTION 📸 by: @vzmaestro @fides_rex

And we off! The @soulection North America Tour starts tonight with yours truly, along with @andrepower @sashamvrie and @dapdabeatx at @commonwealthyyc! Been ready for this, let’s move 🚨🔊🚨...

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