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Abi Losli  Learning to pay attention. Artist. Airbnb host. Fan of dance parties & good conversation. Fascinated by water. Talking books @abilovesreading 📍Oregon.

We’re in the this-looks-worse-before-it-gets-better part of a bathroom remodel. We’re learning a lot, and I’m glad for all the reminders of process and the value of small next steps. Also strangely glad for this extremely tidy pile that @micahlosli orchestrated of all the materials we’ll need to take to the dump. I am so drawn to it and I don’t know why. #lifeofanartist? I don’t know.

One of my favorite things: when my people think of me and send me photos of the water as they’re having an experience near it.
30A beaches, I WILL experience you one day. And for now I’ll say yes to this immediate peace through my screen 😍
📷: @trishaindonesia

I’ve been hoping for this book for years. This is a story of lived experience filled with invitation for the reader to consider a hopeful, centered way forward in living their own faith experience. Think kind encouragement from a friend who’s been there more than a bossy formula from a removed theorist. This book is the kind of challenge that invites response instead of defensiveness, and opens up space to guide with questions instead of directives.
I’ve wanted to hear more of Aaron Niequist’s story of what practice looks like lived out for years now, and I’m grateful this book is in the world now, answering and asking these questions, and pointing me toward more tools and writers and resources.
I may or may not check Amazon periodically for books that I know are coming, so I ended up preordered this as soon as I could last January, before the cover and probably before you're actually meant to order. I am on the launch team for The Eternal Current, which means I got to read the book early on my Kindle and I get a free hardcover. The book pictured here was paid for with my own cash money, though, long before I knew I’d be on the launch team. @aaronieq #eternalcurrent

Constantly delighted by these quiet pauses. I keep finding them, even when I’m sure they can’t exist.

After discovering this gem in chapter three of The Eternal Current by Aaron Niequist, I decided to start putting it into practice in my own life, whenever I remember. These words are changing the way I choose to see pretty much every encounter I have with people around me. I’m so excited for this book to be out in the world next Tuesday. If you preorder before it’s released on August 7 you’ll get these words put to song as a little gift. Plus, you know, a great book. This is a fantastic place to start for anyone considering what it means to practice faith, or why that’s even a thing. It feels like equal parts deep diving over coffee with a friend, spiritual direction, and practical logistics. #eternalcurrent @aaronieq

I like small paintings that together become something bigger and I like big paintings with places to discover small moments.
Detail of a larger recent work because it feels good to get a little lost in it today.

Playing around with gouache and warmer colors. I set a timer for 30 minutes and did whatever I wanted, just made marks and played. I have so much to learn and I’m not mad about it.
I’m curious if you work with gouache, and if you have favorite brushes for this medium? I’m trying different brushes next time - this one was fine, but I’m wondering if others will feel better with gouache.

A year ago yesterday we walked into our house for the first time. We had no idea we’d be here today, hosting dear guests in our Airbnb and family in our driveway. I remember walking through the space, whispering to @micahlosli about how unexpected it was to feel so much peace and how easy it was to imagine people gathered here. It felt like too many things had to fall into place for us to be here, and then over the course of a week it all came together. Our three year long question of “what’s next?” became “what does it mean to be here?” Eight months living here and we’re still paying attention and looking for what it means to steward this gift well. I am so grateful.
(Also. Having my cousins @ourfamilyadventures with us this week makes me want an Airstream, too. Doesn’t that sound fun? They’ve living full time on the road and if you’re into that, follow along with them and you will not be mad about seeing their beautiful photos in your life.)

Nearly 27 weeks with our girl. Turns out we are not great at taking consistent bump pictures. But! Today #bumpday coincided with a summer concert in the park by my beloved river, running into friends unexpectedly, and a visit to our medical care providers so I could learn how to track my glucose levels next week, and it just felt right (except for how it didn’t because I have zero clues how to pose with a bump, help please).

Sometimes the answers, or the next part of the answer, end up right in front of me in ways I don’t expect. The quiet, quick, sometimes frantic, sometimes still, often underestimated and overlooked prayers that take shape through the question “what do you want me to know about this?” change my life all the time.
Earlier this week part of an answer looked like walking into my mom’s kitchen and seeing the notes she scribbled down while listening to a podcast. This is teaching me to pay attention.

Low key obsessed with a bunch of small things that make something together. Figuratively and literally, it turns out. It all feels like art, even these materials gathered in preparation for furniture assembly. (When I found these on the table after @micahlosli counted them, I might have actually “oohed” out loud. Also been know to happen in the fastener aisle at Home Depot. Anyone else?)

Probably won’t ever get over how the light plays all over our house. Counting gift after gift tonight as I move through a tired, weird mood and do a few small things to make tomorrow brighter and easier. Including listening to one or two songs on repeat that make me feel at home. I could listen to the same song for hours if it makes me feel the way I want to feel. Anyone else? Tonight’s choices were Vapor by the Liturgists and Don’t Shy From The Light by Neulore.

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