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Abi Losli  Learning to pay attention. Artist. Airbnb host. Fan of dance parties & good conversation. Fascinated by water. Talking books @abilovesreading 📍Oregon.

Note to self: get outside and move. You'll feel better.
Photo from a walk two years ago at nearly the same place I walked tonight. Because I'm still going through old photos and this reminded me that maybe I should get myself down to the river more often.

Grateful for these celebration remnants on our wall, afternoon light, and unexpectedly quiet weekends.

I'm still going through backing up old photos because I might be a hoarder of images, and maybe I took a long break from working on this goal, oops. This could be a tedious task, and actually I'm just over here so moved by where I've been and how I found so much beauty and peace in tight seasons. The practice of paying attention and looking up from two years ago is still serving me today.

Reminded over and over lately how much our words matter. If you see something good in someone, call it out. We need to hear it. It matters.
This photograph is visual evidence for me of the importance of getting honest and showing up to my own stuff, staying in it with people I trust, and letting myself be seen and actually receive truthful words spoken to me and over me. I've been practicing these things over a bunch of small choices, made again and again over time. What a gift.
Thank you to @ashley.beaudin for this tangible reminder of a truth and practice my enneagram Type 9 heart needs to hear all the time. Thanks for seeing me and others so well, and for being so quick to speak truth over people. Journal from @gracesongcalligraphy.

I learn so much about process from painting. The way these layers and textures come together fascinates me and gives me some hope for parts of my life that feel messy and unfinished.
📷: Detail from a recent piece.

These shadows bring me to a pause nearly every time I discover one. It feels quiet and important, and it moves me. I'm paying attention to what causes emotions to rise in me.

I'm not 100% sure where February went, or how a month could possibly pass so quickly. I do know it's been deep and rich and full of time with humans I love dearly. Even though I've barely checked off any of the things I thought this month would hold, I have this feeling deeper than words that the yeses I've said instead matter more than I can see right now.
One yes I've been saying? Bringing paper and paints with me as I travel, to pick up whenever I want to document what I'm noticing as I practice paying attention. I've been doing this for awhile, and I've just started noticing how much it feels like play.

Just needed to tell you that this book is fantastic and I don't know your life but if you're looking for a novel that will make you laugh and cry, and a story that can tackle the heavy and real while also feeling relatively light, well. Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine might do that for you.
I talked about it more over at @abilovesreading but couldn't resist mentioning it here. Plus, I like the cover.

I did a thing and clearly I'm pumped about it. 1) cut off my hair because why not, and more importantly, 2) started an account just for BOOKS. #bookstagram is the nicest place on the internet, y'all. Serious. If you're into hearing quick takes on what I've been reading lately and other bookish pursuits, you can find me at @abilovesreading. It's been so fun to talk books with you here that I wanted a place where we could have these conversations more often.

Papers tested: Cotton rag, Japanese mineral paper, and next up, Duralar.
I'm letting the rain make the mark and then I fill in with watercolor. It's a quirky collaboration with the rain that's making dreary days brighter.

Hi. Good morning. That weird algorithm plus time zones means that you probably won't be seeing this in the morning, or even now when I'm posting it, I know. That's okay.
This fleeting evidence of light and water felt like another deep breath to me today. I am delighted. Maybe it's for you, too. There's more evidence of this, plus a little more context, in my Stories today.
May we be eyes open on this Monday to the ordinary moments of wonder around us. May we remember to look up, even briefly, and breathe a little deeper. May the practices of paying attention and breathing deep connect us to what matters most, and give us a little ease on a day where dread tends to sneak in and to-dos can look daunting.

Here's a deep breath for us as we start a new week.

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