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Abigail Swartz  I like to gallivant

We showed up looking alright #thefam

Multiple posts on one: •Happy belated birthday to my loving and quirky daddio •Happy 11th birthday to my sweet and creative niece •Happy 4th birthday to my sassy and needy pupper •Happy mothers day to my compassionate and patient momma •Happy early anniversary to the sarcastic and generous love of my life, it’s been 2 great years doing life with you

Couldn’t resist taking advantage of this beautiful afternoon ☀️☀️ #haltonparks

My past 55 hours: wake up Friday at 5am on three hours of sleep. Go to the hospital to be with my grandma for the day. Get called into work for midnight, drive to Toronto and spend the entire night by an industrial heater trying to stay warm and monitor stunts. Finish work at 7:30am, get to bed at 9am (meaning I’d been awake 28 hours straight) sleep for three hours, go about normal Saturday stuff all day long while I’m still extremely exhausted. At 10pm jump into a sensory deprivation tank and after decide I’ll just drive and hour and a half home to be in my own bed, because clearly I’m in a great mental state to make decisions. Get home around 1am sleep for 8 hours straight without waking up even once (Which I haven’t had in close to four months). But after messing with my schedule so much I now have a ripping headache that I’m trying to cure with coffee, Tylenol and puppy snuggles. #amievenalive #nightshiftproblems

Happy national sibling day to these goobers

This is Tucker. He’s my canine nephew. He’s itty bitty and a little crazy. His new cousin Macie is not a fan of him yet, but we’re working on it.

Happy 30th birthday my love 🖤 It truly was an unforgettable day #dirtythirty #kidneystones

Dog park expectations: run around the big open field, chase birds, play with other dogs and get tired out

Dog park reality: lay in the sun, don't move, give dirty looks to other dogs and start wrestling the moment we leave the park 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️

This was two minutes before she decided to be adventurous and jump over the open water onto the ice.... which also means this was about two minutes before I almost puked out of sheer panic. #crazypuppy 🙄

The paths were icy and the squirrels were plentiful. Which was a dangerous combination

This ledge was rather terrifying despite my calm demeanour

New Year, same love 🖤

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