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sneak peak of the Katharine Hepburn "The Philadelphia Story" inspired dress designed by Mari-An Ceo debuting in our 1940's #Timeless ep 203 "Hollywoodland" airing this Sunday 10 pm on NBC.

Born on May 12, 1907, in Hartford, Connecticut, Katharine Hepburn became an unlikely Hollywood star in the 1930s with her beauty, wit, and the eccentric strength with which she imbued her characters. She was deeply influenced by the life and work of her parents - her father a doctor and mother a leader in the drive for women's suffrage and family planning. While attending the all-women's Bryn Mawr College near Philadelphia Hepburn fell in love with acting. After graduating in 1928 with a degree in history, she spent the next several years acting in plays in and around New York. Her early years in the film industry were marked with success, including an Academy Award for her third picture, Morning Glory (1933), but this was followed by a series of commercial failures that led her to be labeled "box office poison" in 1938. On Broadway, Hepburn appeared as Tracy Lord in The Philadelphia Story, winning huge acclaim. Playwright Barry had written the role specifically with Hepburn in mind, and critics and audiences alike went wild over the production. Hepburn bought the motion picture rights to the story and headed back to Hollywood, where she sold them to MGM on the condition that she would star in the film. With this move, she single-handedly regenerated her film career and her mass appeal. Hepburn involved herself in the production of each of her films, making suggestions for the script and stating her opinion on everything from costumes to lighting to camerawork. Over time, though, in spite of Katharine Hepburn's huge acting talent and range, Hollywood began to question her unconventional attitude and strong personality. She refused to play the traditional off-screen role of the Hollywood starlet, choosing not to wear makeup at all times, give interviews or bask in the glow of media attention. These tough characters tended to be humbled in some form and revealed to have a hidden vulnerability. Hepburn won four Academy Awards and a total of 12 Oscar nominations for Best Actress. After her death, film historian Jeanine Basinger stated, "What she brought us was a new kind of heroine—modern and independent. She was beautiful, but she did not rely on that.” #herstory

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Edith "Edie" Windsor (June 20, 1929 – September 12, 2017) was an American LGBT rights activist and a technology manager at IBM. In 1957 she earned a master’s degree in applied mathematics from New York University. She also learned computer programming, working for a time on the Univac computer for the Atomic Energy Commission at N.Y.U. She was hired by I.B.M. as a computer programmer in 1958. In 1975, when I.B.M. moved her group out of the city, Ms. Windsor took early retirement as a senior systems programmer and began what she called a second career as an L.G.B.T.-rights activist. Windsor was the lead plaintiff in the 2013 US supreme court case that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996, giving gay and lesbian couples access to federal benefits and laying the foundation for the landmark decision to legalize same-sex marriage across the country in 2015. This was considered a landmark legal victory for the same-sex marriage movement in the United States. Barack Obama said the day of the 2013 Supreme Court ruling was “a great day for America — a victory for human decency, equality, freedom and justice.” #herstory #womenshistorymonth #timeless

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how 1955 Lucy came to be... thank you @debbiezoller @jeanieduronslet @marianceo for making #Lucy come true. #timeless

Lucille Ball (August 6, 1911 – April 26, 1989) was an American actress, comedian, model, film-studio executive, and producer. She was best known as the star of the self-produced sitcoms  I Love Lucy, The Lucy–Desi Comedy Hour, The Lucy Show, and Here's Lucy. Lucy was way ahead of her time in so many ways. She was the first woman to run a major production company. Lucy and Desi co-owned Desilu Productions until she bought him out and ran it on her own. It had 2,000 employees, 36 sound stages, and 62 acres. She eventually sold it for $17 million. The name was changed to Paramount Pictures. She defied ageism. She was 40 years old when she started "I Love Lucy." She fought for TV's first interracial couple. CBS didn't want Arnaz, especially since the network was unsure about his accent and Cuban heritage. She told CBS that they'd have to either cast them both or neither of them. She was also the first pregnant woman to be shown as pregnant on TV. Women had to hide their pregnancies on TV. They also worried they wouldn't be allowed to continue their careers and be moms at the same time. Lucy broke that mold by incorporating her pregnancy and her son into the show. A five-time Emmy award winner, the first woman inducted into the Television Academy's Hall of Fame, a recipient of a Genii Award and a Kennedy Center Honor, Lucille Ball was perhaps the most beloved of all television stars, and certainly the most recognizable. Almost humbly, she liked to say she owed her enormous success, not so much to talent, but to a magical combination of guts and good supporting players. "I am not funny," Ball told an interviewer for Rolling Stone magazine in 1983. "My writers were funny. My directors were funny. The situations were funny... What I am is brave. I have never been scared. Not when I did movies, certainly not when I was a model and not when I did "I Love Lucy." #herstory #womenshistorymonth #timeless

“My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.” Clarence Budington Kelland. 💔 I love this photo & these faces & today would have been their 40th anniversary. loving tribute @lydiaspencer

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