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corsets make me hungry. 🌯 @dune_la 🎥 @lightdisguisedasmatter

memoirs of the finale... so many literal layers. 🎥 @lightdisguisedasmatter

Joan of Arc, nicknamed "The Maid of Orléans," was born in 1412 in Domrémy, Bar, France. She believed that God had chosen her to lead France to victory in its long-running war with England (later known as the Hundred Years’ War). She was not taught to read or write, but her pious mother instilled in her a deep love for the Catholic Church and its teachings. At the age of 13, Joan began to hear voices, which she determined had been sent by God to give her a mission of overwhelming importance: to save France by expelling its enemies, and to install Charles as its rightful king. At the age of 16, after her father attempted to arrange a marriage for her, she successfully convinced a local court that she should not be forced to accept the match. With no military training, Joan convinced the embattled crown prince Charles of Valois to allow her to lead a French army to the besieged city of Orléans. Joan set off for Orléans in March of 1429 dressed in white armor and riding a white horse. After sending off a defiant letter to the enemy, Joan led several French assaults against them, driving the Anglo-Burgundians from their bastion and forcing their retreat across the Loire River. Joan achieved a momentous victory over the English and their French allies. After seeing the prince crowned King Charles VII, Joan was captured by Anglo-Burgundian forces, tried for witchcraft and heresy. In May 1431, after a year in captivity and under threat of death, Joan relented and signed a confession denying that she had ever received divine guidance. Several days later, however, she defied orders by again donning men’s clothes, and authorities pronounced her death sentence. On the morning of May 30, at the age of 19, Joan was taken to the old market place of Rouen and burned at the stake. Her fame only increased after her death, however, and 20 years later a new trial ordered by Charles VII cleared her name. Long before Pope Benedict XV canonized her in 1920, Joan of Arc had attained mythic stature, inspiring numerous works of art and literature over the centuries and becoming the patron saint of France. #wcw #herstory #timeless


Future Lucy. Future Wyatt. Season Two Cliffhanger. #Timeless ✌🏼✌🏿✌🏾.

Season 2 Finale tonight! See you in Chinatown 1888 in the second hour... 💋 #Timeless 📷 @stephanieschuster

Happy Mother’s Day from the most dysfunctional mother/daughter duo on tv. #timeless #bts 📷 @stephanieschuster

Season finale tonight 9pm 🎺. #bts #timeless 📷 @stephanieschuster

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