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To those of you that are my friend on Facebook: I’m currently locked out of my account because I got a new number. I’m trying to get back in, I’m just waiting on FB support to get back to me

Rudy Roo the Rougarou asleep on my legs.

Crazy cats.

Something I got the other day. I was so surprised to find it at the dollar store.
#Buddha #meditate

This is our dog Shelby. She just passed away. She was 14 years old and we weren't prepared at all for this. We decided to snuggle in bed and watch a couple movies and the dogs wanted to stay out on the couch. I had to use the restroom and Sean went to go get a snack and she had passed on the couch. We feel like shit that we werent with her in her final moments, there was no indication anything was going on, but we hope she knows we loved her so much. This is the biggest downside to having pets. She was an old girl and we loved her for the year we had her.. I love you Shelby and I hope you knew that.

Last week during training for work.

Lunch. Tofu, rice, carrots, celery, and a little bit of balsamic vinaigrette. Really good.

I've actually put off watching this because I've read some info in it has been cherry picked.. But going in knowing what is misinformation or embellished makes me feel better watching it... Also it's really opening up the conversation with Sean.

I freaking love Archer.

❤❤❤❤ (I am really bored right now. So, yeah.)

~Random pretty picture for the hell of it~
I had a small victory today on the "getting Sean to go Vegan" front. Earlier we went and got a few groceries. Not too much because we both get overwhelmed because this transition has been hard (so many things and we don't know where to start or how to prepare/cook). So we grab basics, tofu/tempeh, frozen veggies (longer lasting and less expensive), rice, beans, etc. He was looking at meat while I was looking at the tofu. He came over to ask me about what all we were getting.. Then proceeded to tell me none of the meat seemed appetizing 😮. He has realized that whenever he does eat meat, it makes his stomach act up. I know that it would be better for him to just stop eating meat, but I'll take any victory with him. (No judging please. I'm trying and I want him to do this on his own. Forcing people doesn't always work)

Please, this isn't an area to one up someone. Everyone handles various levels of trauma differently. What barely scratches you, could destroy another. So, please try to support people when they tell you of their traumas. We're in this together. ❤

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