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Sunday Farmers Market☀️


Found the most beautiful fall tree in the neighbourhood.

it’s always been a huge part of our relationship to know what are the feelings we want to feel in our lives. Thank you baby for making me feel special in every way, for giving me these feelings that I yearn for in life - to feel happiness, love and affection, trust, respect, peace and freedom all at the same time. Here’s to being best friends and partner in crimes, knowing that we will always be a work in progress. I love you for who you are and I am so blessed to have someone whom know the deepest darkest corner of my soul. I am so excited to be spending my days building a home with you x

Stuck in NYC traffic all day.

Matching textures.

Swapped stars for skylines.

Every gastronome’s white truffle heaven here in Alba. What’s in my bag?😬

Ciao, Milano! Breakfast spread🥐🍞

Goodbye beautiful Lake Como, adding more memories to the books x

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