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Abby Grubbs 🌻  DTX // DC '20

happy birthday to my favorite Wisconsin girl & fellow culvers lover!! I love you & miss you alyssa, i hope your day is as fun as you & i can't wait to see you!!

its always been the simple things that bring me the most happiness 🌸🌸

thankful for friends who sit through 2 hour choir concerts for me!!

dear anyone who feels like a crappy Christian: being a Christian doesn't mean having all your ducks in a row. it actually means accepting the fact that we can't & letting The Savior do it for us. when we give up striving for unattainable perfection, & when we stop hesitating to trust Jesus because of our own unworthiness, guilt is exchanged for grace. so to those of you afraid to surrender to Jesus because you haven't quite figured out how to get all your ducks in a row: I want you to know that you are loved by a God who straightens them out for you the moment you say yes to Jesus. that doesn't mean you'll be perfect, it means that Jesus will stand in your place. & for those of you who have been struggling to feel close to God, to open your Bible, or attend church enough to make the cut as a good Christian in the eyes of the world: I want you to just look to Jesus for validation. that's what He came down to earth to do- to show the world, to show you & me, what we're worth. because truth is, you're not a crappy Christian, you're just not perfect, & neither am I. but that shouldn't cripple us, it should compel us to be closer to the cross. so breathe. there's no guilt here, only grace.

casually pretending we're not freaking out about finals!!

me & my girls!! #froomies

I told myself I wasn't going to post any pics of it but in case y'all didn't already know, it's ag day at dordt & THEY HAVE GOATS

the biggest lie I've ever heard is that you can't be friends with your sisters, because my sisters are the best friends I've ever had // thankful that you're stuck with me forever ;-)

we may have lost but better dead than red 🤷🏽‍♀️ #DordtVsNorthwestern

hi i need school to be over & it to be summer that is all

only 4 more mondays left in freshman year & until the fam's back together!! ❥❥

>1 year together & it already feels like it's been a lifetime. Can't wait for many more years with this bff of mine!!

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