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Abigail Natelson  Just challah if you knead me • Pitt 2019 🔯🏃🏻‍♀️🎸🌎🏔

Came for the opener, stayed for Beverly Hills🎤🤘
#Wombatsiloveyou #thisisnobridgetjones

Scott pruitt resigned god bless america!!!! ((New guy plz don't be worse)) #sessionsyourturn 🇺🇸🌎

Cute and weird™
🐮💩🐐🌰🏔🌎❓ 😝❤️

Wishing a little extra peace upon the world and its people today in honor of Tel Aviv's 20th annual pride parade. Remember to be educated, understanding, and inclusive, not just this month, but always❤️🏳️‍🌈זמן לאהבה

Alps took my breath away! ((actually tho because of the altitude))⛄️🍫

~everything looks perfect from far away~ 📍Trummelbach Falls


Convinced that it's all just a 2D backdrop and we've been in the basement of srcc dreaming the whole thing!! 🐮🏔

Dear earth, we love you, don't ever change❤️🌎 #thehillsarealive #cowvibes

If only everything was built to last 800 years and sustain two fires🏞🧀#wescaledlikethreemountains #ahhhnature

📍Berlin Cathedral Church
📍East Side Gallery
📍Young African Art Market
📍Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
📍Topography of Terror Museum
📍and so much more; Berlin is seriously incredible

On another note, i'm wondering how Hofbrau can get away with $10 pretzels when i just bought one for €1 ??!🏛🍻

AMSTER **!@#$&%*€@#%*** !!!!! 💐🛶🍟

"How many of you are drunk right now??!" -Daya #lebotaughtuswell #movinon #riplogic

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