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abigail henrichsen  tms '19//psalm 19 artist & writer.

*click* *overly bright flash* *possible blindness*

old, dirty converse make me happy. they remind me of all the adventures i've had and all the places i've been.

be full in christ so that when they constantly take and take and never give back, you are still overflowing.

at the moment, all I know is that no matter what I'm feeling, God is working.

feeling like taylor swift in one of her music videos... no but really the Biltmore was gorgeous.

coffee & antique shops.

i think sometimes people are so desperate to be understood that they forget to be understanding.

there's nothing green here in indy so here are some palm trees.

shoes brighter than my future.

for caption: go to rachel's recent post.

excited to start voice lessons and fall more in love with musical theatre.

smiling because it's almost Thanksgiving break🌞

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