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Vision collage. A dream board.
Some say it's useless, some say it's their alarm to keep going.
Some say it's bullshit, some use it as mantra to keep them sane.
What is it to you? Well, you are what you choose to believe.
Cause universe is vibrational.
Cause it's responding to what you waste your energy on, the most.
(It's a reminder to keep us focus, mgkn @omome @verorooo? :D)

Shout out to #ATTAGRRRL,
a mini collection April 2017 by @ansysavitri.lini! Inspired by all the charming grrrls in the band.
(yes, @warpaintwarpaintofficial
is one of them :D).
If you're in Singapore, go to @publicgarden and visit A-18 booth to see this collection!
Beautiful @darina_server from @wynnmodels
beautifully photographed by @identityono and styled by @hilariusjason
Make up & hair done by @gracebeautydiary .
#attagrrrl #ansysavitri #ansysavitrilini

It's @ireinna day. I love you to the Iceland and back. (sampe iceland doang haha)
Be grateful. Stay strong. Keep it healthy. Explore more. GBU :*

Happy Nia's Day and International Women's Day, dear @niot Elliot!
Tetaplah terlihat 25! Haha..
(@jokosantoso nyempil genggeuz deh :p)

For those who share the same struggle. yes wikennnnnnn
(illustration by @gemmacorrell)

What a warm and deep session :)
Surely want it more. Thank you, @remedirumah.
(Tx jg mas @irwin_ardy, jd tahu! :D)

One of the best days of my life.
FINALLY WE DID IT @ansysavitri :))
Thank you so much for capturing us, @robinlaananen :)
Met @warpaintwarpaintofficial, checked! .

Setlist challenge (@wireitup.id) for @warpaintwarpaintofficial :)) :))
Please play it aallll on 17th Feb, dear @jennylibrary, @tt_o_o_tt, @emiij, @steezmeez!

1. Beetles
2. Undertow
3. Warpaint
4. Ashes to Ashes cover
5. Whiteout
6. Drive
7. Composure
8. Keep it Healthy for sureee
9. Love is to Die (with "papapa.." closing)
10. Disco//Very
11. Set Your Arms Down
12. Above Control
13. No Way Out
14. Krimson
15. Elephant

16. Billie Holiday
17. Hi + I'll Start Believing medley (haha)

Can't waiitt

Got another year on Earth. Hope i'll make the best of it.
Thanks for all the good prayers, manteman. GBU :D

Pancasila edisi lama :O

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