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Abhi's Indian Restaurant  Purveyors of fine Indian cuisine 163 Concord Rd, North Strathfield | Book online www.abhisindian.com.au or call 02 9743 3061 | Twitter: @Chef_Kumar


Cardamon in Chai? You bet! Cardamom is a great ingredient which can be used as a powder, crushed or whole spice. It adds an aroma and flavour to dishes and drinks, including our famous Chai! Great capture by @ervanariasaomiguel 📷 #abhisindian #chai #strathfield #cardamom

Steaming hot chai is a perfect option this weekend at ABHIs. With a lovely cardamom and ginger infusion it is a great way to top off a fantastic meal. What are you waiting for, its Chai Time! #abhisindian #chai #strathfield what a lovely capture of the pouring @yogaspaceperth 📷.

Blue Swimmer crabmeat is one of the leading produce in its type and hence why we use it in our Crab Urundai dish, for that fresh flavour and beautif taste. It is always important to appreciate the ingredients and what better way to capture the icon itself! Amazing photo by @kisume_au 📷 #abhisindian #seafood #blueswimmercrab

Crab Urundai - Blue Swimmer crab patties with potato, fresh green chilli, coriander and ginger. So glad you enjoed our one of our specialties, @pursuitoftaste! #regram #AbhisIndian #IndianCuisine

South Indian cuisine is often correlated with the region's uncanny appreciation for architecture. How amazing are these haritage-listed ruins located in Hampi, India? #regram @muradosmann #AbhisIndian #IndianCuisine

One irreplaceable accompaniment to our Dosa dishes is the Lentil Sambar, which is akin to a stew made from lentils - full of spice and everything nice! #regram @isi_ru #AbhisIndian #IndianCuisine

Delightfully delicious shot of our Masala Dosa, which packs a flavourful punch and is awfully entertaining to dig into. Thank you for the lovely photo @sydneysfoodqueen #regram #AbhisIndian #IndianCuisine

Our Double Ka Meetha dessert is inspired Mughlai cuisine, which is a style developed in Medieval India. The Mughlai cuisinse was one of Royalty, and the most famous piece of Mughal architecture is something you may recognise very well - The Taj Mahal #AbhisIndian #IndianCuisine #Regram @deepakdamles_photography

Rose water, featured in our 'Double Ka Meetha' dessert, has a very distinctive flavour and is used heavily in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine - especially in sweets such as nougat, baklava and puddings #AbhisIndian #IndianCuisine

Double-Ka-Meetha - A rich Mughlai favourite, bread pudding flavoured with rose water, honey and served with rose petal ice cream #AbhisIndian #IndianCuisine #SydneyDessert

Kerala, a South Indian city which inspires our Masala Dosa, known for its palm-lined beaches and backwaters, a network of canals. Pure bliss. #AbhisIndian #IndianCuisine #regram @smridula14

Spiced Potatos, featured in our famous Masala Dosa, are simply firecrackers of flavour - simply delicious and absolutely necessary. #AbhisIndian #IndianCuisine #Spicy

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