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Abhi's Indian Restaurant  Purveyors of fine Indian cuisine 163 Concord Rd, North Strathfield | Book online www.abhisindian.com.au or call 02 9743 3061 | Twitter: @Chef_Kumar


27 years of ABHIs Indian with a dessert to remember. Taste it then vote it to be the next dessert special! Rosewater ricotta pudding with raspberry curd, candied ginger, pistachio praline and sugared tendrils. Thanks to @chef_gnomes for the collab! #abhisindian #dessert #strathfield

We get chills just looking at the the spectacular beauty India displays, from cuisine to nature. #AbhisIndian #IndianCuisine #regram @worthashott

We've got something special for you! Comment below and let us know if you'd like to see this creation on the menu: #Saffron Ice Cream, Cardamom Cream, Chocolate Twigs and Soil with Freeze Dried Raspberries. Sound delicious? Let us know! #AbhisIndian #IndianCuisine

Garam Masala, also known as the wonder spice. It would be exceptionally rare to not find this in Indian Households around the world. #AbhisIndian #IndianCuisine #regram @sbsfood

Just south of Patiala, which influences our famous Goat Curry, is Delhi - immense in history, culture and culinary cuisine. Our own cuisine isn't just inspired one area however, but many, to deliver an unmistakably Indian experience. #AbhisIndian #IndianCuisine

Patiala Goat Curry - Punjabi style slow cooked goat with milled chilies, tomato, mace and garam masala, finished off with fresh coriander #AbhisIndian #IndianCuisine #NorthStrathfield

Banana Chillies, featured in our Ennai Kathrikai dish, are mild and tangy in taste, and fantastic for being pickled or stuffed, to pack more flavour. Try it today! #AbhisIndian #IndianCuisine

One of the most recognised landmarks in India, the Charminar, which translates to Four Pillars, is like a free-flowing river of locals. We've ventured here to explore the true essence of Indian Street Food, and applied these unique Hyderabadi techniques to our cuisine. #AbhisIndian #IndianCuisine #regram @charminar_

Ennai Kathrikai - baby eggplant and banana chillies in a ground paste of cashew, peanut, coconut, cooked in Hyderabadi style. #AbhisIndian #IndianCuisine

Did you know dried coconut strengthens connective tissues in your body, and also promotes brain function? If that doesn't excite you try our Beef Xacutti dish, we don't know what will! #AbhisIndian #IndianCuisine #regram @southigoa

From you'd rather be...luckily, we can take you there, through taste. Experience #Goa at Abhi’s tonight. #Regram @thee_unspoken #AbhisIndian #IndianCuisine

Have you tries the Beef Xacutti? This special now on at ABHIs is a dish from Goa featuring 3 sets of masalas, whole spices and dry roasted coconut. A must try on your next visit #abhisindian #indiancuisine #strathfield

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