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Abhijeet Mitra  Single.focused.blessed.living life #Wish_me_on_20th_jan🎂 #singing_is__my_passion🎶🎸 #stephenite #mohunbagan💚❤️

My first love was the sound of the guitar 😌❤️
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Happy birthday bhai tke ar ki bolbo.Words fell short to describe u tui j koto bhalo seta mne hoi khali ami jni tui jnis that how much I trust u and ur a perfect example of a friend ar besi kichu bolbo na and stay blessed🎂🎉

10 E(a journey to remember,from major fallbacks to sudden uprisings ❤️😌💖)

A real man smiles in trouble,gathers strength From distress and grows brave from reflection 😊😌

Happy birthday noto(mind kris na bolam ble😜).I don't know why i feel comfortable after sharing all my problems.I can share everything with you jodio besi chat hoi kintu akta call ei sob thik hoi jai.jai hok happy birthday, stay blessed have fun❤️

Fashion is what you buy.Style is what u do with it
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Ec @_.leostereo_ bruh thanks for this damn edit😍

Happy birthday bhi amader sheyana amader scheme baaj mr.@a_n_k_u._r ❤️

Favorites in a single pic❤️🔥
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Rule #1
Never be #2

The goal isn't more money,the goal is living life in my own terms
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One call and they were here😌❤️😍

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