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Bettinna Carlos  Faith. Family. Food. Nanay. Manunulat. Panadera. Kusinera. Homemaker 😊 God-powered Superwomom ❀ Ex 33:14 πŸ“§mummybitesph@gmail.com


4 layers of yema filling and yema poured over the entire thing. YEMA(N)! haha πŸ˜‹

When mama craves, mama bakes. Sharing with you my lunch 😊 Old School Yema Cake.πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ Swipe to salivate 😊

PS: no filter no edit photoa. Just plain Mr. hot hot sun❀

Para sa mga CHEESY pag inlove. Para sa ATIN ITO! Haha! Ang last hurrah ng #ABCbyABC sa buwan ng Febibig ❀ Pusuan ang Pizzang ito. Bakit hindi.😊 See ya on Friday!πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Reflection on Mark 5, the story of Jairus and the woman bleeding for 12 years. What is common? They are both desperate yet with unwavering faith. Jairus asked Jesus even when his child was already DYING and others are telling him why bother Jesus when your daughter is already dead. While the woman despite having her 12yr old condition, still had the faith to be healed. She did not resign to remain sick. Both were desperate. Both had faith that didnt give up. Both were met by Jesus in their moments of great desperation.

Why are we sometimes placed in the most pressing situation? Its supposed to drive us down to our knees, come to Jesus and ask Him to bring life and change our circumstances. Those are Gpds divine orchestration to draw us to Him. And He is faithful to do so. He is faithful to reward those who do not give up.
Just like Jairus and the bleeding woman, You can come to Jesus and He promises to meet you wherever you are. He has been waiting for you to cry out to Him all these years.❀ #DailyBitesABC

Practice makes permanent ❀ @gummybites7

My cheeky chinese baby 😍 @gummybites7

Do you experience being distracted by your kids from your workout routine because they want you to play with them? I have a solution! Include them in it. It's very good play for them too! Plus they learn the importance of intentional fitness and responsibility of taking care of their bodies at a very young age. An exercise I like doing where kids are incorporated is levelled up squats. Instead of using weighted vests, I use this laughing and giggling 60 pounder! And because its fun, you also do not notice that you get in more reps than you intended!

Make sure you do more than just taking care of yourΒ ownΒ body. See to it that you pass on the discipline to your kids. Always squeeze in sweat time, no matter how busy you are!

PS: Sharing with you also my favorite post-workout drink using Anlene powder. Just add 1 cup of water, 1 banana and 6pcs of almonds and blend. What a filling recovery drink!


Father-filtered. We have a purposeful God. Romans 8:28-29 teaches us that everything happening in our lives is for the purpose of creating Christ-likeness in us. Whatever you are going through, embrace it. Our loving Father has a good reason behind it. God may not change your circumstances because He is trying to change YOU through it. Cling to Him more. God always knows what is best for You.
And remember, those who endure are always rewarded.❀ God bless you!

Sooo I cooked kare kare from scratch (toasted rice flour to thicken and roasted and crushed my own peanuts instead of using PB) for the first time today and guess what HINDI SIYA UMABOT SA DINNER! Haha low and slow for 4 hours!!! Bukas ka na iplate besh. Ang mga gulay kay tagal kang hinintay. Cant wait to eat ya!πŸ˜—β€ Good night!

THEYRE BAAAACK!!!!!πŸ˜‹ My original babies are available for Metro Manila delivery via @inlineforwarder ! Door to door delivery for just + P105.00.

#NutellaRocks dozen P500.00

#NutellaRocks and #OreoCheesecakeCookies mixed in a dozen P550.00

Send your name address orders cp no and DATE of delivery (Wed to Sat) to 0917.861.BITE (2483). Payment is COD.

Cut off 2 days before πŸ–’

What my weekday afternoons look like. Either filled with math exercises or filipino modules. May I confess and air out something? Nahihirapan ako magturo ng Filipino kay @gummybites7 . Because her first language is English (mixed in the last year na lang) and she comprehends instructions better and faster in English, I teach Filipino with Enlglish instructions. She just tries to translate in her head. Conversational tagalog she understands and can speak but grammar and tenses wise NAPAKAHIRAAAAAP ituro 😒Esp rules and exceptions!!! Barok ang tagalog.😐 How do I help her speak straighter Filipino sentences? Papanoorin ko na ba to ng teleserye? O tagalog cartoons? Parang ako ang nagnonosebleed 😣 Tips Mommies?

Have you seen how yet?❀ Link on my bio.

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