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  XO FAM SELENATION ------- @Belly ❤x1 @hjackxo ❤x1 @rimafakih ❤ x1 @tombachik ❤x2 💬x1 @stevielyne ❤x1 @kateyoung ❤x1 @tmarie247 💬x1

Gn💋 {H}

This picture honestly makes my heart so warm!! 💕 {A}

I can't get over this picture honestly😍 {H}

my abelena is alive to the unhappiness of many❤ {H}


look at these two beautiful human beings 😍💕


Abel and Sel spotted at Disneyland. They're so cute😍😍 So happy to see them together again!! {H}

Gn babies💋{H}

Baby😍 {H}

gimme the Abelena type of love please {H}

Selena and Abel are just the best fuckin couple in the world , don't you dare to say that they don't deserve each other. {H}

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