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Sketches from a while back... ✍🏻 see this and more on my Patreon every month. Currently in Melbourne visiting family, back to the grind soon! #moleskine #tasmanianart #richmondtasmania #fantasyart

I really have been absent from posting for a little while.. and I am really sorry for that. I tend to go into downward spirals now and then and I might disappear.. This usually happens when things get overwhelming, I hope you’ll take these random fantasy sketches as a token of my appreciation for you! I wish I could be posting art consistently, and while maybe I never will, I will definitely not stop trying! These sketches were done in my moleskine sketchbook last month, of which my patrons have already seen in the monthly sketchbook I make for everyone who signs up over there! #fantasyart

Here’s a couple of sketch cards for this months Patrons. I haven’t really announced it publicly, because.. well I’ve been snowed under with a lot of things.. but I am taking sketchcard commissions ONLY through Patreon. So please go and check the link in my profile if you’re interested. 🤪

So, who likes dragons? 🤓 a few weeks ago at AI Con a little kid wanted to see me drawing a dragon, and since it was a pretty quiet show I decided to give it a go, had a lot of fun as usual but I want to try again sometime soon! What kind of dragon could I draw next? Throw some ideas at me 🤩 thanks for all the follows and likes and comments recently, best followers a dude could ask for, love ya’s! #fantasyart #dragon #dragonart #moleskine #moleskinesketchbook

Well, there’s that done. I’m using a standard moleskine sketchbook. It’s not terrible for watercolour, but its tough to get a smooth skin tone. 🤔 more practise needed I guess... #watercolour #fantasyart

Look what arrived! @smaartist legendary 3D modeller at Dreamworks animation created this amazing sculpt based on one of my Nymph woodland ladies! This is a beautiful 3D print and I am so grateful to have it in my hands! I’m also about to slap some watercolours on that sketch behind so follow my story if you’re interested in that! 🖌

SHADOW Clan - The folks over at @thenotoriousphg have just released Expansion decks for the new game #Crystalclans ! I had a blast working on these and I hope you dig them. I cant wait to get a copy of this deck myself and start trying there unique sneaky gameplay. We also have the Fang, Feather and Leaf clans all released as well. And I’ll post the artwork for those too, if you’re interested. Thanks for the support friends! #crystalclans #tabletopgaming #gameart #fantasyart #procreateart
Oh I should mention, these are all created 100% with @procreate !
Check out the link in my story for more info on Crystal Clans.

#artvsartist ✍🏻☠️👽🤓

I’ve been a little busy lately with client work and also I recently just did a small show here in Tassie called ai con,met some great folks over the weekend..but I totally just remembered I drew this last week.. I’m still testing out @derivan_ergopro markers and I’ll be posting more about them soon also with a special promo code if you’re keen to test them out yourself! Hope everyone’s week is kicking ass!

Good morning folks, I’m still testing out @derivanergopro markers, so. I whipped up this medieval spell casting beauty. I think I am playing it safe though... so next time it’s on to some vibrant colours!! Stay tuned... ✍🏻🏰#fantasyart #ergopro #markers #medieval

I finally got my copy of #CrystalClans today! In celebration I though I would sketch a couple of my favourite characters I drew for the board game. 😀Swipe for a video of me unboxing it! #fantasyart #plaidhatgames Can’t wait to try playing it tonight after work. (Which ironically is ..more crystal clans!)

So this is a little random, but I thoroughly enjoyed sketching these animal aristocrats 😸 More practice for my travel sketchbook. #fantasyart #aristocrats #sketch #moleskineart #moleskine #watercolour

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