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ABEL & KAIN  🍃 Vegan, Cruelty-Free & Organic Skincare🍃 🍃Made in New Zealand 💫Encouraging babes to love the skin they're in❤ #abelandkain ⭐👇Shop our website

Have you tried our ☕☕ DOUBLE CAFFIENATED KIT yet??✨✨ You'll be 👑GLOWING👑 from to head to toe 🙌 #abelandkain #glowingskin #veganorganic

Have you heard? 🤔 Our PREMIUM range of VEGAN 🍃 ORGANIC 🍃✨BODY SCRUBS✨ will have you 💫GLOWING💫 They'll SMOOTH away all the dry stuff 😱 and hydrate soo good, you won't even need to moisturise 🙌🙌 #abelandkain #veganorganic

Have you tried our ✨HEALING BALMS yet?🎆🤔 Packed with SUPER healing properties 🍃 💫 PERFECT for babes that need that little extra care and attention 🙌 ❤

That HAIR though 😍 reminds me of our ✨HONEY COCONUT🎆 body scrub! 😉 Have you tried it yet? #honeyhair #abelandkain #rawveganskincare🌱
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Have you tried our 🎆CAFFEINE✨ coffee BODY scrub yet? ☕
Made with PREMIUM grade 💯 arabica coffee ☕ and blended with super healing naturals!🍃 You're skin is going to love you! 🙆‍♀️
🎆Check out our website to find out more!✨
#abelandkain #coffee

Own the magnificance that is you Babe ❤
#abelandkain #babe #selflove #ownitall

💋I'm the perfect remedy for healing and replenishing very dry and chapped lips. My aim is simple - to repair and heal so you're always keeping it sleek!👄 #abelandkain #rawveganskincare🌱 #healing

Our ink after balms are designed to take away the sting, speed up the healing process and reduce dryness and infection so you can focus on keeping authentically you 😎👌
#ink #tattoo #tattoocare 📸 @eleanorsheehan1 😘

Our healing balms are specifically designed with healing properties to replenish, repair and promote clear and healthy skin... Let's say goodbye to: ❌Eczema ❌Acne
❌Cuts and wounds❌Psoriasis❌Rash
❌Sunburn ❌Stretchmarks

#abelandkain #rawveganskincare🌱 #healingbalm #healthyskin

Our dreams become our reality when we put our mind to it 🌠 #abelandkain #rawveganskincare🌱 #inspoquote 📸 by @gabriellasmith__

Nothing is more natural than my classic vanilla kisses darling! 💋💋Perfect for acne-prone and damaged skin. 👌✔🌟
Our vanilla blends accompanied by sweet almond and grapeseed oils, will cleanse, repair, tighten and hydrate – so we can all be classic babes ❤🌟
#abelandkain #rawveganskincare🌱

Embrace who you are Babe ❤ #youreamazing #abelandkain #rawveganskincare🌱

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