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Grilled Mackerel with Samphire
& Heirloom Tomatoes

Summer on a plate in the blink of an eye. Crispy skinned grilled mackerel fillets top sweet heirloom tomatoes and strands of crunchy green samphire with a squeeze or two of caramelised lemon juice.

Full recipe now available on our website

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Broad Bean & Feta Bruschetta

Beans on toast doesn’t have to be limited to tomato sauced haricots and cheddar. Oh no. Here’s our seasonal take on the classic. It’s fresh, colourful and utterly morish.

Full recipe now available on our website
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Blueberries. Full of natural antioxidants and mineral rich while they’re at it. Ours are big’ns, and they’ll add handfuls of character to your morning cereals and smoothies. Or, for a lip-smacking sweet snack:

Gently warm 1 tbsp of honey with warm water till runny. Leave to cool slightly. Finely chop a handful of mint leaves. Tumble the honey and blueberries together in a bowl and top with the chopped mint.
Follow the link in bio for all of the ingredients and more.

#blueberries #blueberry #berries #berrylicious #eatwiththeseasons #organic #seasonal #abelandcole

Organic strawberries forgo the nasty chemicals, allowing the Summer sun to do it’s work. This makes them all the fleshier, and more juicy than their non-organic counterstrawbs.
This year we recommend a citrus twist on a childhood favourite:

Zest a lime into a mortar and add 4 tsp of caster sugar. Pound till the sugar turns light green. Sprinkle over a punnet of halved strawbs to serve
#strawberry #stawberries #berries #eatwiththeseasons #twistonaclassic #organic #seasonal #abelandcole #FeedYourHappy

Golden Scallops with Chorizo, Broad Beans & Mint

The old classic of scallops, peas and bacon gets a seasonal twist, with crumbles of paprika rich chorizo, tender green broad beans and refreshing mint. A speedy summertime surf and turf.
Full recipe now available on our website

#goldenscallops #scallops #chorizo #sustainableshellfish #scalloprecipe #seasonal #twistonaclassic #recipe #abelandcole

Fresh Peach, Herb & Roquefort Salad

Peachy dressed herb and courgette salad paired with salty, punchy Roquefort.
Full recipe now available on our website

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Minty Melon Mojito Smoothie

Naughty by name, nice and nutritious by nature, this mock-mojito gets a smoothie box twist, swapping a splash of rum for juicy melon.
Full recipe available now on our website

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Apricot & Ginger Bread & Butter Pudding

A summery bread and butter pudding that’s lighter than the traditional cream and dried fruit version. Using Court Lodge’s fruity Apricot Pouring Yogurt gives the pudding a tangy flavour and chunks of juicy apricots keep it fresh.
Full recipe now available on our website

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Griddled Asparagus & Houmous Wraps with Crunchy Green Slaw

Seasonal UK asparagus spears griddled till smoky, then piled into wraps with dollops of homemade houmous and a scattering of mint. Served with a fresh and tangy slaw.
Full recipe now available on our website

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Strawberry & Prosecco Jam
Jar up the taste of summer berries with this wham bam, thank you strawberry jam. It’s easy to make and even has a touch of Italian charm thanks to a dash of Prosecco.
1kg strawberries
850g golden caster sugar
2 lemons, juice
400ml prosecco
(will make approx. 5 x 340g jars)

Put a saucer into the freezer to chill. Sterilise your jars by washing them in hot, soapy water and then drying them off in an oven set to 100°C/Gas ¼ or washing them in a dishwasher.
Hull the strawberries and set aside a handful of the smallest ones. Put the rest of the strawberries in a wide, heavy-based pan (a cast iron casserole dish or preserving pan is a good option). Use a masher or fork to mash the strawberries together.
Add the sugar, lemon juice and prosecco to the pan. Add the whole strawberries.
Gently heat the pan to melt the sugar. Turn the heat up and bring it to the boil. Boil for 20–40 mins till the jam is set. Check after 20 mins by taking the saucer out of the freezer and putting 1 tsp of jam on it. Leave it to cool for 1 min, then push it with your finger. If it wrinkles a little, the jam is ready (strawberry jam will set quite softly, so it won’t be very thick or solid). Keep boiling the jam and testing every few mins till you get the little wrinkle.
Take the jam off the heat. Let it cool for 5–10 mins. Skim off any pink scum.
Ladle the jam into the sterilised jars. Seal. The jam will keep well in the jar for up to a year. Once opened, store in the fridge and eat within 1 month.
Taken from our cookbook:
How to Eat Brilliantly Everyday
(Ebury Press, £18.99)
Photography by Gary Congress
#strawberryjam #jam #prosecco #organic #seasonal #HowToEatBrilliantlyEveryDay #abelandcole

Bitter Sweet Chicory

Chicory is gorgeous raw (quartered lengthwise) and dipped into a blue cheese dressing. You can also use the leaves like little food boats and pile all sorts of wonderful flavours into them. But if you fancy something completely different, try this cooked, bitter-caramelised, almost lacquered version.
2-4 chicory
A lump or two of butter
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper
1 glass of orange juice
1 squeeze of honey or agave syrup
A handful of parsley, chervil or coriander, to serve (optional)

Halve your chicory lengthwise. Carve out the smooth little triangle bit of white in the centre – removing it helps it cook more evenly.

Get a frying pan quite hot. Add a lump of butter. Let it sizzle and froth.

Add your chicory halves, cut-side down. Season.

Let them cook for a mo. Then, add enough orange juice to come about 3/4 way up chicory - so just the arched back is peeping up. Let it bubble up for a mo. Cover and cook until the chicory are tender.

Uncover the pan. Drizzle in the honey/agave. Let the sweetened juice reduce down to a thick, dark, toffee-like syrup. The cut-side of the chicory should be nicely golden.

Arrange in a dish. Scatter herbs over the top and serve.
#chicory #chicoryrecipe #caramelisedchicory #vegetarian #vegetarianfoodshare #organic #seasonal #abelandcole #recipe

Sweeter and squatter than their round cousins, flat peaches are a real treat. You can do all sorts with them – stack them up, post them to your friends (Flat Stanley style) or, our favourite, eat them. Thanks to their shape they’re actually easier and less messy to eat than round peaches. It’s a wonder no one thought of them sooner (even though they’ve actually been around since the 19th century).

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