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shattered ...by Bonnie & Barley 💕

still travelling around this amazing land and discovering ever more beautiful places 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺 this is a little seaside town we came to stay in a few hours south of Sydney, we came down yesterday because youngest son has a football match nearby...it’s a beautiful bay, lots of history, gorgeous old buildings and even has a coastal train chugging along tooting its horn. I’ve seen a lot of Australia’s because of kiddos sport....

deck time

watering the pots, smelling the roses with Barlin Darlin 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

autumn on the deck in the lucky land. still counting down down down to lighting the fire meanwhile I’ll take sitting here with a late arvo drink in the mid twenties and yes I mean Celsius not Fahrenheit . 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 I found this little table and chairs pre loved when we first moved into this 100 year old house it was originally for the back garden under the frangipani trees - the little ***** advertising it forgot to mention it was actually broken and when we got it home It fell down big old karma on them (it will always come back to get you if you act like a pillock - I have the evidence) but anyway my very own in house frank Spencer fixed it very nicely and then I white washed it and it’s been here ever since... oh and it’s about to be christened with a white linen tablecloth...

recently, having fallen into a digital media interiors hole I came across a place of and I quote ‘perfectly perfect white fashionable homes only the best money can buy’ at the time I was sitting here in very old pink penguin pyjamas, hair scuffed up in a birds nest, hadn’t tidied up for days, various pets were with me and after a very busy month starting a new job, two surgeries on husband and you know all the other life stuff of family life I wasn’t sure where my elbow was, what day it was let alone whether my interiors were fashionable ......the images were absolutely stunning, like hello grab you by the balls flabbergastily beautiful white interior gorgeousness and when I came up for air from that vortex I took a look here and thought of the five sofas in this house 4 of them were acquired pre loved and the other one is just about twenty years old, ditto much of the furniture, I made these light fittings from old fishing baskets, lots of things are from IKEA and all sorts of bits and bobs like linens and doonas and soft furnishings have been acquired without a huge budget and have been with us for years and years, old doors picked up from the side of the road as ‘art’, piles of happy cushions and lots of rugs... I always wanted a safe home to come home to for my family to kick back, spill PG Tips on the white sofa covers, drop crisps on the grey carpet, eat tv dinner on laps after a crap day, leave bowls of Frosties on the floor before going off for the day... perfectly perfect only the best can buy, no thank you m’am. 🏠🏡🏠🏘🏡🏘🏡🏠🏡🏡🏠🏡🏘🏚🏡🏠🏘

baskets, bikes and boots...what more can a girl ask for? 😜😜😜

a nice spot to sit on your day off with a convalescing dh....we were very much looking forward to Hawaii but I guess one can’t complain when this is at the end of the road. Thirty three degrees a lovely breeze and blue skies in the middle of Autumn. Have to say still pining for winter (it’s looking very short this year) and the day we can light the fire again. Tell me about your weather where you are???

watering my pots and today im going to get some more potted up for the back door and the driveway. The most success I have seems to be geraniums in this climate - I’ve successfully killed a fuschia this month and a carnation bit I do have a glut of chillies and herbs. I need to find a way for the soil in the pots to actually hold the water instead of it going through as it’s so dry - anyone have any answers??? I think there are water retention pellets and beads one can purchase. 💕💕💕 Oh on the patient (see my stories) he’s doing ok and not in pain which is actually worrying me as this surgery was pretty comprehensive. I also have new furniture for my bedroom which I would like to attempt to put together today which will be an interesting endeavour with two of my hands and one of dh’s. we were meant to be going to Hawaii and islands on Saturday and today was a packing day not a furniture making day - the hand situation meant we’ve had to cancel it - we also had to cancel our trip to Europe last Christmas so thinking will never get overseas again. ✈️✈️✈️ Ok that’s my exciting life I’m going to drink my tea on the deck with my herbs 🌿

does anyone else love that looking through doors and windows thing (especially of the vintage ilk) or is it me that’s just weird? to be quite frank it wouldn’t be the first time someone has said am a bit odd I love these doors, they are old and heavy, the handles clunk and are all tarnished with patina of time 💕 #littleplace #homecorners #littlestoriesofmylife #vintagedecor #cottagedecor #cottageliving #diningroomdecor

pink doors and flower pots 💕💕💕oh and it’s Autumn and still very warm so of course there are daffodils and hyacinths ...

good evening from Bonnie Blossom and an old French Australian Edwardian window 😜😜😜🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺 she is the funniest little kitten and has settled in soooo well. Not sure who loves her more us or Barls. After taking it very slowly with introducing them he’s been an absolute star with her. See my stories of the two of them - I’m sitting on the sofa opposite them after a busy day at work (I recently started a new job and there a bit of a learning curve - everyone is sooooooooo lovely and the environment is great, fabulous to be part of it). Anyhoo happy hump day. 💕💕💕💕

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