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Abdolrahman sarraei  Actor / Screenwriter / Member of the company hiva pictures

There's just one life to live, And there's no time to wait, To waste.
So, strive for the goals of your life.
#spicollective #life #live #time #strive

Smiling is free in life, So smile.
Hunting the moment by:@sirvansamar
#smiling #free #life #smile

If u want 2019 to be your year.
Don't sit on couch and wait for it
go out.
Make a change.
Smile more.
Be excited.
Do new things.
Throw away what you've cluttering.
Be fierce.
Show some gratitude.
Do things that challenge u.
Be brave.
#abdolrahmansarraei #happynewyear2019

Apathy 🎭
Sometimes the feelings we are dealing with are strange.
#apathy #actor #screen #writer

#support the #children of the #world
This World Children’s Day,@milliebobbybrown is leading an all-star team on a special assignment: Go Blue! Link in bio.

حقوق هر روزه کودکان را انکار می‌کنند. ما می‌خواهیم دنیایی را ایجاد کنیم که هر کودک در مدرسه و یادگیری از آسیب و توانایی خود برخوردار باشد. و ما می‌دانیم که شما هم همین کار را میکنید.
درخواست #goblue را امضاء کنید.
تا رهبران جهان را متعهد کنید.
تا حقوق هر کودک را تحقیق بخشید و اذعان کنید.لینک در بیو

Be kind ❤
اهل دلی میگفت :
تاریخ تولدت مهم نیست،تاریخ تحولت مهمه.
اهل کجا بودنت مهم نیست،اهل و بجا بودنت مهمه.
منطقه زندگیت مهم نیست،منطق زندگیت مهمه.
درود بر کسانی که دعا دارند و ادعا ندارند.
نیایش دارند و نمایش ندارند.
حیا دارند و ریا ندارند.
رسم دارند و اسم ندارند.
#selfie #life #love #bekind

"there is nothing to fear in gun regulation"
#abdolrahmansarraei : "So,Children see the greatest social harm"
Not to #gun
Not to #war
Not to #violence

Why war?!
Unfortunately, we are always living in fear, Every day we hear about a war, In news on radio and television, Newspapers are always news of the war, We hear that nations are hurting each other, Neighbors are hurting each other, Families annoy one another, And children kill each other, We must learn to live and love each other before it's too late, We have to put an end to this, We must stop discrimination, We have to finish hate, And let's stop life with the fear of our neighbors.

So: Anyone who does not know history is condemned to repeat it.

#humanity #humanrights #women #men #children #abdolrahmansarraei

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