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Minister for Women Kelly O'Dwyer has announced she is quitting politics at the next election.

"The decisive reasons are very personal," @kellyodwyermp said.

"My two smart and loving children, Olivia and Edward … will reach primary school age during the next parliament.

"In compiling photo books and in looking at all those special moments over the Christmas period I have seen how many of them I have missed.

"If my husband and I want to give ourselves the opportunity, the best opportunity to have a third child, we need to be very realistic."

📷 Nicole Asher

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Scientists are coming for this whale’s poo.

Well, maybe not this specific whale. But 28 researchers are about to travel from Hobart to the Antarctic ice edge to track down a 100-tonne blue whale like this one.

And they’ll be paying close attention to its movements in order to collect a good sample of it’s poo, which they will use as measure of the health of the local food chain. But they’ll have to move fast.

"It disperses very quickly so you've got to move quickly, you've got to be on the spot, as it were, to be able to collect a sample," Australian Antarctic Division's chief scientist Mike Double said.

Fortunately, it won’t be quite as hard to actually locate a whale in the first place: "They are one of the loudest creatures on Earth … we've got hydrophones on board [that] can detect them from up to 1,000 kilometres away,” Dr Double said.

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📷 Supplied: Mike Johnson/Australian Antarctic Division
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Meet Coop. She’s the one who helps kids and adults through some of the hardest moments of their lives.

Coop’s the first dog in Australia to be allowed in a courtroom and her owner Tessa Stow has trained to be almost emotionally "bulletproof".
Coop has already helped around 140 victims and witnesses of crime in over 100 cases, the vast majority involving sexual assault.

One of the people she helped give evidence was Leah Stephens.
"She was offered to me the day before to come into my video box at the hardest time of my life," she told 7.30.
"And as soon as we laid eyes upon each other, I forgot where I was.
"She was like my mother and my grandmother put together, and the feelings that she gave me were just overwhelming.
"She's really, really important to people in the world who have no-one and nothing at a time when they're so desperate to grab onto anything that's real — and Coop is so real."

Now Ms Stow is busy training the next generation of court dogs, but estimates only two of her six pups in training will be suitable.

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📷 ABC News: Lauren Day
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Romeo, "the world's loneliest frog", has finally found love. 🐸💕🐸

He had been living the #bachelorlife for 10 years, thought to be the last Sehuencas water frog on the planet, until five others were found — including Juliet.

“She likes worms as much as Romeo likes them,” the researcher who found them explained.

The pair have a blind date coming up.

📷 Global Wildlife Conservation

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This is not the moon — or even a reflection of it.

It’s actually an ice disk about 91 metres wide.
It formed in Maine in the US, and it’s believed it came about naturally in a part of the river where the current can create a whirlpool effect.

It’s drawn comparisons to an alien spaceship, the moon, a carousel and a lazy Susan.
What do you think it looks like?

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📷 AP: Tina Radel/City of Westbrook
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Good morning — it’s #WombatWednesday!
Thanks to ABC Open contributor Lucy Champion for bringing us this little fellow from Maria Island.
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Millions of pilgrims have plunged into the Ganges to mark the start of Kumbh Mela.

Ash-covered pilgrims from around the world are in India to commemorate the religious festival, which dates back to the Middle Ages.

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📷 AP: Rajesh Kumar Singh
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Fancy burgers by candlelight?

That’s what US President Donald Trump served up to college football team, the Clemson Tigers, in honour of their national championship win.

“Do we have no food for you because we have a shutdown? Or do we give you some little quick salads that the first lady will make, along with the second lady, they’ll make some salads … I said you guys aren’t into salads … We have everything that I like that you like,” Mr Trump told the group.

The President said he paid for the meal himself because of the partial government shutdown.

Burgers were served up on silver platters by waiters, and fries portioned out into cups bearing the presidential seal.

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📷Twitter: The White House; Reuters: Joshua Roberts; AP: Susan Walsh
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So, we hear Instagram likes egg photos 🥚🤷‍♀️

These may look like fried eggs, but they’re actually salt lakes photographed from almost a kilometre above!

📷 Alex Ham

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Spaceship or nah? One academic says it might be. 〰
Scientists are debating the notion after Harvard astronomer Professors Abraham Loeb and Shmuel Bialy suggested the cigar-shaped object which passed through the solar system in late 2017 and early 2018 could have been a discarded light sail of extra-terrestrial origin, perhaps sent here on purpose.

The pair’s original theory about the object, named Oumuamua, was met with scepticism by academic peers but Professor Loeb is sticking to his guns.

Professor Loeb said he did not care what people said, commenting an Israeli newspaper Haaretz, that: "Science isn't like politics, it is not based on popularity polls".

"If you're not ready to find exceptional things, you won't discover them. Of course, every argument needs to be based on evidence, but if the evidence points to an anomaly, we need to talk about an anomaly.
"Imagine if cavemen had been shown the smartphone you're using to record me. What would they have thought about this special rock?
"Now imagine that 'Oumuamua is the iPhone, and we are the cavemen. Imagine scientists who are considered the visionaries of reason among the cavemen looking at the device and saying, 'No, it's just a rock. A special rock, but a rock. Where do you come off claiming it's not a rock?'"

What do you think?

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📷Supplied: European Southern Observatory/M. Kronmesser

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This baby koala was found with about 100 ticks covering his body. 😢

He was given a blood transfusion and spent more than two hours on the operating table as the parasites were removed.

Luckily, he's now doing well and has been taken in by a wildlife carer. 💕

📷 @currumbinwildlifehospital

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